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More About 9K Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery comes in a whole variety of different tones, grades, and purity levels. With different certification of purity, karats tell you how much real gold there is in the jewellery piece. When speaking of 9 carat gold jewellery, it means that it is actually an alloy. 9K gold jewellery brings you 35% real gold, with an alloy of other metals such as silver, tin, nickel, et cetera. The meaning of the number 9 is that it has 9 parts gold in it, along with 15 parts of other metals.

Our collection presents a rich and diverse range of this grade in gold. With earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and others to choose from, the selection is truly endless. Find the best kind of jewellery that suits your requirements. Make your picks stand out in fashion and be sure to look for the designs and styles that are one of a kind.

Our Collection of 9K Gold Jewellery

We house every adornment and style in 9K gold jewellery online that you might require. With a spectacularly spanning collection, we bring you an assortment you won’t find anywhere else. Not only in purity, but we also present a range in the different tones of gold. Yellow, rose, or white, we have everything that you like. Just head over and browse:

9K Gold Rings

Among all the jewellery adornments, rings have always been more popular. The best bling for flair comes from the rings that we have on display. Pick from the scoping variety in designs like plain bands, solitaire, halo, and more. These pieces of 9ct gold jewellery have most definitely made their mark in the fashion world and are certainly here to stay.

9K Gold Bracelets

Another popular and famed category that we house also brings you bracelets. These darling pieces of jewellery reserve a special spot in the treasure, all owing to the different styles and designs. From minimalism of single-strand chain bracelets to the elegant sparkle of tennis bracelets, the choices are countless. Be sure to find the ones you want to flaunt!

9K Gold Chains

The crafty and simple make of 9 carat gold jewellery in chains is immensely popular and for all the right reasons! The delicate make and simplicity in designs almost mould around your neck, draping you with exquisite shine. Available in different colours and styles, these chains come in varied lengths, too.

Why Choose TJC?

There are many reasons telling why you ought to opt for TJC, when shopping for online 9K gold jewellery in UK. Among the others, the one that stands out the most is our grade. We offer you a unique and bestselling collection with only the high grade of quality. Our selections of real 9 karat gold jewellery online come with certification of authenticity.

Not only that, but we’re also giving you the best quality for your money. We present a range that’s easy on the buck and affordable. Find the pieces that you can’t help but fall in love with, only with TJC!

Shop for lots and complete your set of gold jewellery! Happy shopping!

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