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More About 9K Gold Bangles

Carry around with a suiting watch or stack up multiple sleek bracelets together; bangles are available in numerous designs to play versatile parts for each one of us. Without overdoing the looks, bangles have the tendency to attract everyone around with their chime and shine. In the 9K yellow gold Bangles mentioned above, we showcase each of them carved in 9 parts of gold mixed with remaining 15 portion of other metal alloy, equivalent to 37.5 per cent of gold mixed with majority percentage of other metal types. This proportion makes these 9K gold Bangles for women highly durable and easy to be crafted in a jewellery piece.

TJC's Collection of 9K Gold Bangles:

In our category, we have some phenomenal bangles not just for fancy occasions but with the quality of gold assured, they can be worn daily as well. Explore the patterns and designs below and sit back while we extract the best of 9K gold bangles in UK for you.


Diamond cut bangles:- Shining like billions of stars in the sky, the surface of this type of bangles is carved with diamond cut edges, offering uneven fine shaped cuts, deceiving to look like studded diamonds. These bangles in our collection are highly popular since the diamonds cut pattern ages back from 80's.

Cuff bangles:- The cuff grip of these broad and bold bangles is very prominent and classic. These bangles were best depicted during medieval times, when women wore them on wrist and even on ankles. Since they are offered in broad shape and an opening, they can ideally fill up your needs and can alone offer you the desirable look.

Beaded bangles:- After the classic pearl beads, the beaded necklaces made in sheer 9 karat gold is highly popular for clean design and classic looks. In this type, you get a fine wrist accessory to accompany you with your watch or perfectly alone, meanwhile offer smooth finish of each embedded ball shaped beads.

Metal types:

9K Yellow Gold Bangles:- The bangles carved in this type of gold offer a very precise proportion of 9 parts of gold amalgamated with remaining 15 parts of other metal alloy, such as copper and zinc. This type of gold is often easy to maintain.

9K White Gold Bangles:- White gold is a mixture of 9 parts of pure gold mixed with white metal type, such as nickel, silver and palladium usually with a rhodium coating. This gold looks like platinum, but is cost friendly than the former one.

9K Rose Gold Bangles:- The gorgeous rose gold is made with the 37.5 per cent of pure gold, alloyed with copper to produce the rose colour. This type of metal is considered very romantic due to the lovely colour and these days it is mostly sought in the couple engagement or wedding rings.

Why chose TJC?

Offering the finest 9K gold bangles online, TJC sticks to the mission of delivering joy through our impeccable range of products and their quality. We assure you and your family, at our portal will definitely find something or the other that will make your heart skip a beat. Whether it's a high-end lavish jewellery of a cost-effective fashionable product, TJC gives you the best deals that cannot be missed.

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