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More About 9K Gold Necklaces

With a charming personality and gleam like no other, each of the necklaces flaunted above are carved in nine parts of pure gold, which is later blended with other metal alloy, like palladium, zinc, copper, silver and so on. Since pure gold in naturally malleable and cannot be moulded in the form of a durable jewellery piece, it is later mixed with other metals to get the durability and structure in one fine piece. With our collection of 9K gold necklaces in UK, you not just get the looks and design of the products but also an assured quality to rely upon. Browse through our infinite collection and get yourself a perfect neck piece to define your opulent taste in jewellery.

TJC’s Collection of 9K Gold Necklaces:

With the quality and designs like never before, all the factors mentioned below will help you in selecting your perfect jewellery partner and love our collection of 9K gold necklaces online even more.

1. Designs:

We portray a melange of styles and designs in our range, few of them are listed below:

Beaded Necklace:- These adorable neck pieces are adorned with the beads of multiple gemstones or pearls. They are usually really high in demand due to their decent and timeless beauty and hence can also be paired very easily with any attire and jewellery.

Chain style necklace:- Available in the design of sleek chains, they can be easily worn with any pendant or separately as well. The further patterns in this beauty includes, mariner link style, rope pattern, prince of wales, Bismark and so on.

Necklace with pendant:- What can be better than having one perfect necklace adorned with a tiny dangling pendant in it? The 9k gold pendant necklaces are offered with a glimmering pendant with them, showcasing fine design and studded with premium stones.

2. Metal Tones:

9K Yellow Gold Necklace:- These necklaces are crafted in nine parts of gold, mixed with other metal types, like copper and zinc for the golden tone in them.

9K White gold Necklace:- To get the white tone, these necklaces are manufactured in nine parts (37.5%) of pure gold mixed with other alloy, like palladium and silver.

9K Rose Gold Necklaces:- Each necklace in this category is crafted with 37.5 per cent of pure gold amalgamated with metal like copper to get the pinkish tone in it.

Why Choose TJC?

When it comes to buying any high-end jewellery, TJC is the most trusted platform. We don’t just offer quality and comfort but also impeccable range of designs in our collection of 18K Gold necklace online.

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