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More About 9K gold chains

Drape around your neck individually or pair with any fancy statement necklace, these beautiful and sleek 9K yellow gold chains are ideal for everyday use. Each of the designs above will take you on a rollercoaster ride and will induce you to get more than just one. With the quality of 9 Karat, each of these chains are made with nine parts of pure gold, that is equal to 37.5% of gold mixed with other metal amalgam, generally it can be copper, silver of even palladium. These 9K gold chain in UK will not be just jewellery, but an everyday essential to you that can be well fit even in office and your workplace.

TJC’c Collection of 9K Gold Chains:

In our infinite collection of 9K gold chains online, you can get diverse options, ranging with different designs and sizes. With the ultimate options available, we plan on giving each one of you a reason to smile and embrace your jewellery collection and its beauty.

1. Designs:

Rope pattern:- Resembling with the design of a rope, these chains showcase the twist and turn of strands made in 9K gold, highly durable and compatible for everyday use.

Beaded chains:- In these chains, the entire length is adorned with metal beads, carved with smooth metal finish and identical round ball shapes. They look classic and can even beat the evergreen beauty of the pearl necklaces with their opulent finish. Some of these chains are even adorned with the additional diamond cut design over the beads, making each ball stand out and look highly classy.

Belcher Chains:- These are a type of trace chains made in D-section wire, with each link’s length is equal to the other. 9k gold belcher chains look very trendy and classy and their broad design makes them look very lavish at the same time.

Tassel chain or necklace:- Just as the name implies, these neck pieces are adorned with a dangling tassel design underneath the whole composition. The tassels, like the whole design are carved in 9K gold, and hence, look very up-to-the-minute.

Curb Chains:- In this kind of 9K gold chains for women, each link is flattened, twisted and interlocked with one another, forming a clean and neat design. These chains are very popular, and specially the diamonds cut ones, offer you the diamond cut texture over the surface and the high-end looks of the same.

2. Metal Type:

9K Yellow Gold:- This most popular type is made with 9 parts of gold (37.5%) pure gold blended with other metal alloy, like copper and zinc since the unalloyed gold is very delicate to be crafted alone in a jewellery.

9K White Gold:- The 9K white gold chains don’t just look decent, but also borrow very close resemblances with the posh platinum. This type, too, is made with 9 parts of gold mixed with metals like, palladium, silver or nickel for the silver tone in it.

9K Rose Gold:- This fashionable gold type is crafted with a clean amalgamation of 37.5% pure gold blended with cooper for the reddish and pinkish tone in it.

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