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More About 9K Gold Pendants

Throughout the decades, the classic gold metal has been considered valuable, and hence, is mostly moulded in fine jewellery pieces. Similarly, the pendants showcased here are crafted in fine quality of 9K gold, giving you with nine parts of pure gold, which is equal to 37.5 per cent, amalgamated with other metal type, like copper and silver. Each of these pretty pieces is hand carved by our skilled craftsman and provides you with ultimate sheen and perfection. Offering variant designs, with the wide range flaunted above, we design the perfect pendant for each one of you.

TJC’s collection of 9K Gold Pendants

Offering you with the wide array of 9K gold pendants in UK, TJC strives to bring the best of design and their excellent crafting. With the diverse options to choose from, these pendants are also very beautifully depicting the story of each gemstone studded, like very rare Grandidierite and warmness of Citrine. Explore the facts below and make the ultimate choice and purchase with us.

1. Designs:

We offer a colossal collection of designs in 9K gold pendants online, few of the very popular and habitually sought are:

Halo: :- Offering a glistening gemstone in the centre, the halo designs very much resemble with floral design, where the central stone is encircled with the crystals or other stones around. These 9K gold diamond pendants are studded with fine gemstones on them. Looking highly fashionable and with the bright blooming design offered, they can be worn on daily basis.

Circle of Life:- There is no end to the beauty of circle of life pendants, these pretty pieces look very unique and denote eternity of never-ending event of life. With the thoughtful element behind the design, these pendants are a stealer.

Solitaire:- These beautiful pendants are decent in looks and classic in design, they give you just one gorgeous gemstone in the centre and its simple yet elegant beauty. They can be worn easily everyday due to the minimal looks.

2. Metal Type:

As mentioned earlier all these pendants are crafted in nine parts of gold, but we at TJC don’t stick to just that. These nine parts of gold are further available in different tones, as discussed below:

9K Gold pendants:- The classic golden tone is offered in this range. Giving the warm colour, the nine parts of gold are further blended with remaining percentage of copper or zinc.

9K White Gold pendants:- In this type, the 37.5 per cent of pure gold is mixed with cool metals like, palladium and silver to get the silver or white tone.

9K Rose Gold Pendants:- Quite fashionable these days, the rose gold is often said to be the new gold in the market. Known for the rosy tint in the gold, this metal is an amalgamation of 9 parts of gold (37.5%) combined with copper.

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