More About Diamond Earrings on Sale

Beautify your jewellery collection and reward yourself with yet another pair of gorgeous earrings from our exquisite range of diamond earrings on sale. Offering ample of styles and patterns to choose from, we have some incredible deals running for you. Don’t hold yourself back and delve deeper into your love and fondness for that sparkle and unbeatable sheen of diamonds and their glare. To make this selection procedure a lot easier for you, below we will list down the designs and their formation along with the metal types explained for you.

Our Collection of Diamond Earrings on Sale:

To help you best with the products featured above, we have listed down the fastest selling and most desired pieces in our stocks of diamond earrings sale in UK. Get hands on best of the bests and own a pair with matchless beauty and specifications of its own.

Designs In the diamond earrings sale running live right now, you can encounter the following designs on display:

1. Solitaire: Featuring the utter beauty and glamour of diamond, the solitaire earrings are ideal for regular use. They are generally studded with the beauty of just one diamond on top without any other gemstone to distract the attention from your flickering pair.

2. Ballerina: Inspired from the dress of a ballerina dancer, this type of earrings is gracefully contemporary, loaded with the gleam of diamonds all over.

3. Hoop: Classic and vintage, the hoop pattern earrings have been in the race since decades. They look extremely unique with the beauty of round ring-shaped hoop, embedded with the diamonds flickering over its metal surface.

4. Dangle: Long and eye-catchy in design, the dangle styles earrings are ideal for any fancy occasion, be it a cocktail evening or a date! They are very well crafted to offer the utmost beauty of their length and design filled with the flicker of diamonds all over.

5. Chandelier: A very gorgeous type of statement earrings, they are loaded with the beauty of diamonds all over. These earrings are elongated in size with very remarkable design on display.

6. Drop shape earrings: As the name suggests, this type of earrings is crafted in drop pattern, featuring the fresh yet very exclusive pattern.

Metal tones- In our diamond earrings sale online, we offer various types of tones and metal qualities, be it platinum, gold or silver. The tones however are mainly of the following types:

• Gold tone: This classic tone of metal is mostly formed with a fine amalgamation of gold with other metal alloy. The alloy type mostly includes the copper and zinc for the golden tone and infinite glow.

• Platinum/Silver tone: In this type, the silver and palladium are mixed with the main alloy to form a durable jewellery piece with outmost beauty and shiny surface.

• Rose Gold: This new type of gold is very popular and sought-after these days; it gives a very slight tinge of pink in the gold, and hence, looks extremely very feminine and beautiful. The copper is used to get the pinkish tone in rose gold jewellery.

Why choose TJC?

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