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More About Wishbone Rings

The illustrious wave pattern of a wishbone ring makes it so much different from the contemporary ring designs. Looking out of the ordinary circles, these rings have garnered the interest of so many, over the years. Actually, the design isn’t just random, but it has a meaning and belief behind it.

You must have come across the shape of the wishbone in the turkey or the chicken. It is an ancient belief still practiced in some parts of the world that whoever gets the wishbone or “V-shaped” bone of the bird is blessed with all the luck there is. And that is where the design earned its popularity from. This concept can be dated back to the 4th century, if you can believe it!

Ever since then, people love gifting wishbone rings to friends and family. There is a certain number of people who, however, believe that buying the ring for yourself will not bring you any luck! So, why not buy it for someone who you love? We have stocked an entire array of the most ravishing wishbone designs, owing to the popularity.

There is another thing that is most often found being discussed, when there’s a discussion on wishbone rings. It is about which way is up when you’re wearing them. The answer is pretty simple. You can wear whichever way you like it. Some people think that wearing the ring in a wrong way will drain the luck, but they are all superstitions! Although, popularly the pointy end of the ring faces the wrist as it gives you more space to stack on other rings as well.

In the latest trends, you will see people stacking on their wedding ring on the wishbone rings. It is only acceptable as they’re the most important things you need in life – love and luck! Therefore, not only wishbone rings have acted as eternity rings, but also stacking rings. You can find a collection of all of the different styles of rings at TJC!

At TJC, we present a fine selection of wishbone designs and they’re studded with several choices of gemstones, like diamonds, garnets, emerald, et cetera. The precious metals we use also have so much worth in regards of their flawless surface and lasting strength. We’re widely known for the high-quality and pristine jewellery that we offer you and we strive to keep our name ahead of the competition. That said, you’ll only find the best and trending designs made with the most quintessential resources.

We have offered you some filters on left side of the page that allow you to sift through the choices on the basis of price, metal, stones, size, et cetera. The refinements on top of the page also allow you to view the listing in a way that you see fit, be it on the basis of price, relevance, bestseller, or even recommendations.

We offer excellent delivery services, too. So, come over, make use of the best online jewellery shopping portal, and take home your best wishes! Happy shopping!

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