More About Men's Rings

Jewellery for men is not a modern concept; it has served the purpose of displaying social status, wealth and affluence for the major part of mankind’s history. Men in ancient Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia had been witnessed wearing expensive jewellery in the form of rings, pendants and bracelets for political and religious purposes. Believed to possess mystical powers, jewellery in ancient times was worn by men as amulets or talismans to ward off evil and protect them from harm during wars. Through the course of history, rings have evolved to be the most popular form of jewellery amongst the common men, worn majorly as wedding rings and birthstone rings.

TJC has brought for the men in UK and Europe, a rich collection of men’s rings which are a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional designs catering to their diverse needs and taste. For the male population who want to make an impact with their everyday appearance, we at TJC, have subtle and elegant rings under our in-house brands J Francis and Elanza. If you are not much of a traditionalist and want something other than the usual wedding band for your big day, then you need a piece from our exquisite collection of gemstone rings, perhaps a Tanzanite shinning bright on your finger. Moreover, if you are planning a budget wedding but still want to make a statement, we have some exclusive men’s diamond rings cast in silver and overlaid with gold and platinum for an affluent look.

TJC’s skilled designers have conceptualized these men’s rings in a unique combination of design and pattern, like the dual tone or dual stone setting which will subtly add to your overall look. If you are someone who believes in the mystical powers of the birthstones then you are in for a treat with our eclectic collection of gemstone rings featuring Amethyst, Sapphire, Moonstone, Quartz, Opal, Jade, Aquamarine, Swarovski, and Topaz carefully set in Silver and Gold.

As a man, you have limited options to add as an accessory, make sure you choose a classy piece from TJC that speaks volumes about your fashion sense. Wear your attitude not on your sleeve but your fingers!

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