More About Trilogy Rings

The first question that’s most often asked to selves is what exactly a Trilogy ring is. Well, a trilogy ring stands for the setting of three big-sized stones on one band, one after the other. Now, you’ll find two main variations of Trilogy ring designs in our enormous catalogue, which are:

Where all stones are of the same size: There are several designs where all the three stones encrusted on the ring are of the same size. It looks neat and chunky at the same time. The three stones can represent various things like a strong bond of family, love, your adoration for you children and spouse, or anything else.

Where the centre stone is the biggest: The more popular variation of Trilogy theme entails the design where the centre stone is larger than the two adjacent stones on the shank. This theme usually follows the meaning of past, present, and future. With the largest stone being placed in the centre, it means that present is the most important time.

Now, a Trilogy Ring can mean a lot of different things. We’ve lined up a few of the more popular theories, in regard to their meaning:

Past, present, and future: The most acknowledged theory of a trilogy ring concept is that it denotes the three very important phases of life. Mounting up to the three incredibly important times of your life, the three stones represent the past, the present, as well as the future. You’ll also find that the centre stone is larger in some trilogy rings. That’s because present time is the most important of three.

Love, devotion, and friendship: This is yet another meaning that is read into by several people. The gems that grace the shank of ring represent the vital relationships in your life. They are love, devotion to someone, and inseparable bonds of friendship.

A family:There are many people who slip on the trilogy ring as homage to their family. Representing the man, woman, and child of the house, each stone stands for one member of a small and cosy family! It could also mean that each stone is for each child in the family. That is also one way of wearing it!

Love, honour, and cherish: This meaning is to give more credit to your wedding vows. A trilogy ring stands as a reminder to all things holy and sacred in your marriage. Many people wear it as reminders and representation of their marriage. It’s also why trilogy rings are some of the best wedding bands.

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