More About Trilogy Pendants

Trilogy pendants are all that people have been wearing! The enriched meaning of the concept is close to heart and beautiful at the same time. With an arrangement of three dazzling gemstones placed next to each other, the concept of trilogy pendants speaks different tales. At TJC, we’ll explain the different takes at the idea of three stones.

There are lots of meanings that people have adopted when speaking of the trilogy theme. However, the most popular of these meanings are:

Past, present, and future: This rendition of trilogy pendants is the most popular one, by far. According to it, the three stones encrusted on the pendant represent each phase of life. Each stone stands for the past, the present, and the future, signifying the importance of all these phases.

A family: Another one of the plenty ideas that revolve around the meaning of trilogy pendants is that they’re a representation of the family. The wonderful homage to the family represents each member of the family with each stone. Every stone in the pendant is for the spouses and the child. It could also represent the three children, two children and the spouse, or even the family pet, the spouse, and the child.

Love, devotion, and friendship: This is yet another meaning that is read into by several people. The gems that grace make of the pendant represent the vital relationships in your life. They are love, devotion to someone, and inseparable bonds of friendship.

Love, honour, and cherish: This meaning is to give more credit to your wedding vows. A trilogy pendant stands as a reminder to all things holy and sacred in your marriage. Many people wear it as representation of their marriage instilled with love, honour, and cherishing.

TJC displays a breath-taking collection of the trilogy pendants. You’ll be thrilled and stoked to find the diverse range, in terms of not only the altered designs to the base concept, but also the use of stones and metals. We offer you the purest wearable selection of gold in the tinges of yellow, rose, and white, silver, platinum, rhodium, et cetera.

Not just appreciated and popular for its raw aesthetic appeal, the trilogy pendants hold the highest regard for their meaning. At TJC, you can find a pure and wide collection celebrating the meaning, by enhancing it. For the mentioned purpose, we like to jewel our pendants with stones holding meaning and importance. Each stone embellished in our pendants is not only because it looks transfixing, but also because it has some deeper meaning to it. You can find the meaning under our Gemopedia content of the page.

However, this isn’t where your shopping can just end! You need to look for more meaningful bling and finish your set. Happy shopping!

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