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Studded with the blinding delight and shine of a single stone, Solitaire jewellery has been given love, devotion, and attention everywhere. The picture of elegance and the mask of eloquence; this kind of jewellery makes your ensemble prized and princely just by adding the magic of a single stone. Pair it with anything in your wardrobe to exude the stateliest sense of style and fashion.

At TJC, we are famed for our range of exquisite gems. Our incredibly enormous range scales rocks from the expensive sparkle of tanzanite and diamond to the affordable presence of turquoise. From the pomp and show of emeralds and rubies, our collection also includes the quaint and calming hues of jade and coral. With clever faceting for maximum reflective surface, you will get access to stunning pendants, which will make all eyes halt at you.

We only use the most sustaining and long-lasting metals to mould our jewellery from. The sizzling glare of yellow gold, the calm of rose gold, and the pristine shine of platinum, our selection hosts an endless range. Our most popular collections like Elanza, Royal Bali, Iliana, et cetera portray detailing so delicate and fine that it will take your breath away. Our brilliant designers also make these solitaire pendants a sight to behold, with their skill and taste for exquisiteness. Find the works of Rachel Galley, Lucy Q, and Giuseppe Perez, our famed and sought-after designers, and shop from their best works!

Available in a range of prices, you can shop as per your budget. We have economically supportive pieces featuring Swarovski and quartz to the luxurious designs boasting the presence of rare pearls, tanzanite, indicolite, diamonds, et cetera. Find just what you’re seeking for. Fit for every day wear or for celebrations, you can gain long-lasting and sustaining metal choices, ranging from rhodium plating to 18K yellow gold.

We specialize in the designs that you want to see. We make dreams come true. You’ll find just what you’ve been seeking, owing to the countless number of products in our catalogue. From simple prong setting, which allows maximum display of all the sparkling glory of the stone, you’ll find solitaire pendants with a dainty appearance. Some of our special features also offer you fine and detailed traceries that leave admirers agog, with how perfect they are!

For an exemplary range, you’ve come to the right destination. We offer you deals and discounts that make shopping a treat! Our all year-round deals will tempt you to come shop with us time and again. And to know about these deals that we speak of, you need to subscribe to our newsletter!

We hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for! Find more stately jewellery to finish your set with our range of bracelets, rings, necklaces, et cetera. Happy shopping!

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