More About Teardrop Pendants

Teardrop design has been popular since times unknown. In the form of a pendant, this is the best shape to go to, if you’re seeking a simple and minimal adornment. In terms of the use of stones, mostly you will find a heavy use of diamonds, sometimes also paired with other gemstones. Our teardrop pendants range, however, will show you a collection and use of several trend-worthy renditions to the simple teardrop pattern.

If bespoke elegance is your style, then TJC’s teardrop pendant collection is right where you need to be. We feature some of the best alterations and additions to the basic underlay of this shape. And what make our pendants much more sought-after are the fine details of them. We ensure precision of every single cut and facet of the stone, right along with what the stone represents, so that your own teardrop pendant can mean something unique. We understand that every stone has its own tale to tell, and that you need to wear that tale with pride and insight. That’s why you’ll see the combinations of precious gemstones that are enriched with a deeper meaning, more than just the aesthetic appeal.

Our array of teardrop pendant designs is a wide-ranging one. We show off our simple, stately, and minimal designs with equal vivacity and vigour as the extravagant styles, riddled with the use of hundreds of gemstones. In some pendants, you’ll find the prong fixture of one behemoth stone so it can flaunt its majestic presence, while in some others, there will be the feature of pave or cluster setting, which looks like a blanket of exquisite shine and glamour.

No matter what the need of the occasion is, we can help you with anything. Our careful categorisation will give ideas of small, tiny, and frail designs that will add a stately yet majestic element of creative art to your ensemble and we can provide you bold, large, and chunky teardrop pendants, which will announce your presence for you. Our special features also give you the glimpse of solitaire teardrop pendants, something that has taken the jewellery world by storm! Whatever your choice may be, we revel in our excellence and our work will keep you coming back for more!

From affordable pieces to expensive and regal delights, there is something for everyone. All you need to do is look for it! Filter down your choices right to the ones that you want and purchase the most suited piece of exquisite jewellery.

This is not where your shopping should end, though. Be sure to check out the rest of our collection and complete your set with a perfect ring, set of earrings, a bracelet, and more! Come over, we’ve got everything and beyond in stock. Happy shopping!

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