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More About Floral Pendants

Since times immemorial, floral patterns have been seen embellished or adapted on many decorative additions, be it ornaments, linen, art forms, et cetera. Flowers are a unique portal to happiness. Their presence and lively, joyful appearance makes everyone happy and cheerful. And to wear this jovial accessory is to represent all the happiness within you. If that’s not good enough of a reason to wear floral jewellery, then we don’t know what is!

TJC brings you an arcade of fresh and new floral pendant designs. The neat embellishments and fine detailing of our designs make our pieces incredibly sought-after. Paired with the addition of rare and treasured sparkles of precious stones, these floral pendants will be all you need to attain all the attention wherever you go.

A stunning and breath-taking feature that you’ll note in our floral pendant designs is the contrast. We love to play around with colours. Using the deep and hypnotising hues of stones such as ruby or emerald, we pair them with the basking shine of platinum or rose gold. It gives the jewellery piece a unique and stately appearance, which will enhance your final look! The combination of colours plays a truly important role in how appealing and alluring the jewellery will be, and we pay special attention to bring only the best combinations for you.

Another reason why you need to shop from our special floral collection is the range of gemstones we use. We bring you the special sparkles from all across the globe. Our elegant pieces flaunt the rarest of stones like ammolite with its metallic iridescence and amethyst with its tantalizing colour. Our most common pieces portray a fine and enchanting assembly of diamonds in simple yellow gold, but some of our rare floral pendant designs will leave you agog with the excellent paving of hundreds of stones in a blissful pattern.

TJC is the right and one-stop solution, no matter what kind of floral pendant you’re seeking. From dainty and small drop to larger designs, we have everything in our vast catalogue. We have some fragile and tranquil pieces lined for an elegant look and we have pendants that are bold, behemoth, and show-stopping. Inspired from daises, magnolias, sunflowers, and a plethora of other varieties, our website is where you need to be.

Purchasing these covetable delights have been made easier than ever before. TJC is bringing you the mobile application, which enables you to shop for godly sparkles on the go! Download the android and iOS app and get pleasant discounts!

Shop for more and lots from our incredible ranges at TJC! We portray excellent designs of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and so much more. Complete your entire set and have a look at all things special. Happy shopping!

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