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More About Shungite Jewellery

The captivating colour-block sight of shungite is its true winning feature. The rich and pure black colour seems almost alive with its intensity. The gem dates back to several hundreds of years and has seen the Earth grow and evolve. It has also gained quite the popularity for its healing properties. It’s only found in Russia, near the village called Shun’ga, hence the name. TJC brings an exclusive and stunning collection of Shungite Jewellery that will win you over in seconds! Choose for your favourite design and get shopping for the best prices.

Tinged with charcoal hues, this stone has been seen gracing jewellery designs that are several years old. Not only does it never lose its colour and shine, but it’s also easy to cut and polish in a definite shape. It doesn’t undergo any sort of treatment to enhance its colour or shine, making it perfect for connoisseurs of magical stones with legends attached. If you’re looking for that perfect design of Shungite Jewellery online, then this is where to find it:

Our Collection of Shungite Jewellery

TJC’s spanning collection includes all themes and designs that you could have asked for, and beyond. Spruce up your outfits with a dash of pure black with these stunning designs. These stunning beauties range from bold and minimal designs to more detailed outlays. Suited for all events, occasions, and styles, these jewellery picks will make their place in not only your hearts, but also your admirers’. Browse below for a collection of bestselling Shungite Jewellery in UK:

Shungite Rings

Bold enough to make a statement and rich enough to grab all attention, the colour of Shungite looks fabulous when it decorates your fingers. With us at TJC, you’ll find a myriad of ring designs, from the simplest solitaires and bands to clusters and trilogy patterns. Find the design that suits your style to the T and shop for it at the best price value.

Shungite Earrings

Clasp on the fabulous stone on your ears and make your style on-off! We have stunners that range from the minimal magic of studs to the wooing extravagance of chandelier-inspired drops. Crafted in the different tinges and tones metal, these pieces demand attention. Our Shungite jewellery in gold has especially been in the talks of trends for its ethereal grandiose in display.

Shungite Pendants

The smooth-to-matte gem does brilliantly well as it nestles at the base of your necklines. For more meaning that just aesthetics, Shungite jewellery healing benefits are also quite known and believed. We offer you some wonderful and bewitching designs in jewellery that will make your style absolutely unique and loved. From the dainty minimalism of solitaire to bigger and bolder designs, we’ve got it all and more.

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for Shungite Jewellery online in UK is done marvellously well when it done with us. Find a gorgeously wide selection of the brightest and inspiring jewels, each fitting perfectly for the occasion and style of your choosing.

And not only the expansive range, we also have other reasons of shopping with us. Among the biggest is our pricing. Our affordable Shungite jewellery pieces fit perfectly within your budget and get you the best value for your buck!

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