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More About Shungite Bracelets

Believed to be least 2 billion years old, the Shungite gemstone is 100% Natural and ancient in history. Its traces can be seen way back in history used for various reasons and requirements. This bold black gemstone shows an array of values and depth with the beautiful and unique colour on display. It is offered with smooth surface to bejewel the jewellery and ornaments. This gemstone is mostly decked with non-crystalline Carbon mineral in it, and hence, is often said to offer medical and healing properties to the wearer or user. This gorgeous stone was first extracted from the Shun'ga village in Russia, and hence, was later named Shungite. With that being said, we at TJC offer a wide range of products offered with the beauty of this black stone.

TJC’s Collection of Shungite Bracelets:

In our collection of Shungite bracelets featured in UK, you will witness a melange of designs and patterns, they are very precisely crafted to offer the best values of this gemstone. Below we have listed down some of the highest selling designs and beloved patterns picked by our consumers to help you choose your effortlessly:

Tennis Pattern: Wrapping all over your wrist, these beautiful shungite tennis bracelets are sleek and very gorgeous. The name has meaning, since it has history related to a bracelet worn during a match of with tennis, but the sleek design of these bracelets enables them to be worn anywhere and anytime! These bracelets are provided in very comfortable size, which is neither to tight and not too loose.

Fashionable designs: A wide array of patterns can be seen under this range of real shungite bracelets, from broad to sleek, from colourful to decent, this category is everything you’d need to create a style statement. These fashionable designs are inspired from current trends in the market and hence are contemporary and modern.

Floral designs: As the name suggests, this type of bracelets is crafted in very blooming and refreshing pattern. They are inspired from the theme of nature and depict a very beautiful pattern all over.

Vintage styled: Offering the timeless classic designs, this type of genuine shungite bracelets depicts very phenomenal metal pattern and designs from the late disco era. They look extremely traditional and classic and hence are also a style statement type of design you’d like to own.

Why Choose TJC?

Whether it’s jewellery or accessory, we have solution for your every preference and requirement. Each product displayed at TJC site or on television has the calibre to win your heart and trust. Offering this category of Shungite bracelets online, we plan to provide you with its matchless beauty and properties. This gemstone is rare and exclusive and hence at our platform, we assure to offer the best of its properties to you. While you sit back and shop from our portals, our team will make sure to get the best for you and will strive until you are satisfied.

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