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More About Shungite Rings

Shungite, a beautiful gemstone with lustrous surface and carbon in its formation, is believed to be an ancient, in fact is said to be around 2 billion years old. It is enriched with powerful antioxidants, and hence, is a very positive gemstone to add in your collection. It is deep black in colour which is extremely rare in the jewellery world, and hence, makes it distinguish well. This gemstone was originated in Russia and has been used all throughout the decades for various purpose and requirements. Some even believe, that this gemstone has medical properties and can be used to aid with many issues. In our collection of Shungite rings in UK, you will witness some magnificent designs and patterns, crafted to provide you with its very uniqueness and beauty.

TJC’s Collection of Shungite Rings

In our range of online shungite rings, we have plenty of designs and qualities to choose from, straight from the basics to the lavish, we got your every need covered right here. To make this selection easier for you, below we have two different factors simplified for you. Go through the facts and figures below and make the rightful purchase.


Solitaire: Simple and elegant, these rings are very gorgeous, crafted to depict just one gemstone in the centre. They feature a simplified formation and are ideal for regular use with their classic pattern.

Halo: Like a blooming flower, this type of rings is adorned with a gemstone in centre with similar or different gemstones encircling it around. It is very gorgeous and looks extremely regal for any occasion.

Trilogy: As the name suggests, these rings are studded with just three identical gemstones in the centre. They are also believed to represent the past, present and the future of the wearer and have a meaningful thought behind their formation.

Cluster: Clustered with multiple gemstones all together in close space, this type of rings is opulent and very lavish in design. They are bold with multiple gemstones on top and with their excellent design, they can seek the attention very easily.

5-Stone or 7-Stone rings: As the name suggests, these rings are adorned with the assigned number on gemstone on top in clean aligned pattern.

Metal Tones:

Golden tone: The classic gold tone of any metal is derived from a fine amalgamation of pure percent of gold with warm metals, like copper and zinc. The percentage of pure gold depends on its carat weight and hence it decides the formation of the band of your ring. Our shungite gold rings have forever been loved for their allure.

Silver tone: The shiny silver tone is a pure blend of palladium and silver, in high-end jewellery they are mixed with platinum and gold. Shungite rings in silver offer a bright contrast with the seamless sparkle of the moonshine silver.

Rose Gold tone: New and currently high in demands, the rose gold metal tone is basically derived with the use of copper in any jewellery. In high-end products, the copper can be mixed with pure gold as well to get the rosy tint into it.

Why Choose TJC?

In our exquisite collection of Shungite rings online, you can get yourself a vintage gemstone with pure black beauty in it. It depicts the deep hues and shades of black and hence looks extremely opulent and unique. With our website and channel, you can sit back and relax while our team strives to get the best of products delivered right at your doorsteps.

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