More About Shungite Necklaces

The Shungite gemstone is very old and is believed to age back 2 billion years. The rich colour of this gemstone is very precise, and it is 100% natural in nature. This black gemstone is made with extremely very rare non-crystalline Carbon mineral foundation, and hence, is a natural gemstone in the market. This gemstone is furthermore known for its healing properties and through the traces of ancient history found, it can be seen that this gemstone was used as a healing stone back then as well. This brilliant gemstone is extracted from 16-400 feet below from the earth surface and was named after a locality, called Shun'ga village in Russia. With that being said, we at TJC have some very rare designs and genuine Shungite necklaces for you right here. They are crafted with absolute finish, and hence, offer the fine properties of an ideal Shungite. Since the Shungite is known for the unique healing properties, we strongly recommend you give this one a shot and experience the affects yourself. The celebrities lately, too, adapted to this unique gemstone and were spotted wearing it in the form of jewellery, be it ring or necklace around.

TJC’ Collection of Shungite Necklaces:

Below we have some of the highest selling and desired designs of Shungite necklaces in UK. Each of them is hand crafted for your elite choice, hence, we would suggest you go through the points mentioned below before completing your purchase and owning one such beauty.

Beaded necklace:- The beaded pattern of these necklaces is adorned with very finely carved blobs or beads of Shungite. The entire length of shungite beaded necklace is decked with its beauty, and hence, gives classic pearl necklace looks but with a deep black twist.

• Pendant with Chain:- This duo gives you a very elegant pendant with a sleek chain in it. These necklaces can have pendant in any style, be it solitaire, halo, cluster and so on. The chain in this set enables them to carry around your neck elegantly while serving as a great jewellery piece.

• Designer necklaces:- Prominent beauty and statement worthy, these raw shungite necklaces are inspired from the modern jewellery culture and trends. Their design may vary and with this rare gemstone, they make a perfect combination of opulence and royalty that best serves to you.

Why Chose TJC?

We at TJC take pride in the enormous collection and options of jewellery and lifestyle products we have for you. The impeccable jewellery designs and the rare gemstones we have make an ideal range for you. With an aim to provide the best of Shungite necklace online, we here strive in order to bring the best designs at equally amazing prices for you. Explore the range above and pick one rightful neck piece that defines you and your regal choice well.

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