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Pearls, the birthstone of June, hold a graceful appeal that isn’t like anything else in this world. They’re the only gemstones that are formed from living organisms. When paired with exquisite designs and patterns, their vivid beauty becomes exotic by tenfold. In our finest selection of pearl drop earrings, you’ll find the magic of this gemstone unravel in all its glory as it leaves your admirers stunned.

Pearls hold a natural appeal that is undeniable. Every woman needs to have pearl jewellery in her box of jewels; it is only the law! The graceful colour, glistening surface, and transcending allure of these stones is timeless. In fact, they are the gemstones that hold many myths and legends. Romans truly believed that pearls are actually the tears of mermaids or Gods, as nothing earthly can be so ethereal. People of the older times also believed that when a rainbow meets a storm, the result of it are pearls. They’ve been regarded as Godly stones as long ago as man can think back. And it makes sense, owing to their remarkable appeal.

The thing about pearls is that they’re available in countless shapes, sizes, and colours. Their inherent smooth surface paired with a flawless iridescence leaves them to be one of the most coveted kinds of gemstones. Our range of pearl drop earrings brings just that, just added with all the more delight of obscure designs and lays.

What makes our range so celebrated is the diversity. We host a whole array of styles that suit different kinds of requirements. In our lay of pearl drop earrings, you’ll find small and simple drops with minimal work, which boast and celebrate the raw of beauty of a pearl. But, then you’ll also find some eloquent and intricate patterns, which flaunt not only the pearl, but also a lot of other precious gemstones. You’ll find all kinds of jewellery laden with the gawking excellence of pearl here.

As of now, our selection of pearl drop earrings boasts of four different types of pearls that are extracted and/or procured from only the best sources. We have a fantastic presentation of freshwater pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls. Presented to you in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours, there’s no diversity like you’ll find at TJC.

We also offer you a refined and skilled encrusting of Mother of Pearl pieces embellished in the best of our artisanal designs. The fine work has taken days to perfect, just so that we can gift you precision in beauty and rarity in availability. There’s truly nothing parallel to the selection that TJC provides and if you’re looking for a bespoke pair of pearl drop earrings, then there’s nowhere else that you need to go.

Complete your set with some impressionable styles of pearl rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and much more! Happy shopping!

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