More About 18K Gold Rings

Gold has been serving and ruling the jewellery world since decades due to its anti-resistant property to most of the acids and the matchless sheen and shimmer, which makes it distant and stand out. Made with eighteen parts of pure gold (equal to 75 per cent) and amalgamated with other metal alloy like, palladium, copper, zinc and silver, you can get the best of gold properties and their looks in our phenomenal collection of 18K gold rings in UK. With a motive to bring out the trendiest designs and unique story behind each, all the products flaunted here will offer a sense of luxury and comfort with some of the rarest stones and carvings seen.

TJC’s Collection of 18K Gold Rings:

With the huge range to choose from, we understand how bothersome it can be to pick one option or chose a perfect piece for you. To make this entire experience tranquil for you, each of the 18K gold rings for men as well as women displayed above shows some laudable qualities, be it design, or the stones embedded, or even the metal tone of gold. With the huge array offered, we plan to look out for each possibility of making it easy and hassle-free for you to shop and enjoy the uniqueness of your choice.


1. Halo: This type of rings is very popular and often sought due to the simple yet elegant formation. Halo rings are generally adorned with a central stone, which is later encircled with other stones or diamonds around creating a circular or floral design.

2. Trilogy:As the name suggests, trilogy rings are studded with three similar stones aligned neatly together. Each of these unique gemstones is said to stand for the past, present and the future of the wearer, making this type of rings extremely unique and thoughtful at the same time.

3. Eternity/Half-Eternity: Ideal for engagement or weddings, eternity or half-eternity band rings are believed to denote never-ending and perpetual love and affection, and hence, can be a great option for all the couples and individuals to confess their affection and begin a new journey with.

4. Solitaire: The classic Solitaire design has been ruling the ring world ever since one registered the world jewellery! Studded with just one gemstone in centre, the solitaire rings are modern yet enduring in design.

Metal Tones: :

1. 18K Yellow Gold Rings: The rings crafted in this type provide you with eighteen parts of pure gold (75%), mixed with remaining portion of yellow metals, like copper and zinc. Since pure gold is too fragile to cast in its neat form, we mix certain amount of other metal alloy and here in this case, the yellow tone is attained from the same.

2. 18K White Gold Rings: Blended with metals like, Palladium and silver, the 75 percent of pure gold here is mixed with cool metals (Silver and Palladium) to get the white and platinum like finish.

3. 18K Rose Gold Rings: To get the pinkish touch in the former gold in the market, the eighteen parts of gold are mixed with copper to fill up the bar and give a very unique tone to it. The rose gold, in recent years has been receiving tones of appreciation, and hence, is perfectly used in our collection of 18K gold rings online.

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