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More About 18K Gold Chains

The classic elegance and beauty of gold are undeniable. Worn and sought after since as long as time can tell, gold has been a sign of posh lifestyle. The glimmering and glamorous tone of precious metal has been used in making some remarkable jewellery designs and here, in TJC’s range, we’ve got some unmissable ones for you. Read to know more about the chains made in gold.

The shine of gold is everlasting. However, the purest form of gold neither as bright, nor as strong. To make gold stronger and easier to wear with a glowing shine, alloys are mixed in the metal. This is where different grades of purity come. The purest form of gold is known as 24K gold, where all 24 parts are gold. However, when some parts are substituted as alloy, the grade changes. In 18K gold, 18 parts of the mix are gold and the rest are other alloy, like zinc, copper, palladium. In doing this, the shine and strength of gold are made better.

Our Collection of 18K Gold Chains

TJC’s fabulously trendsetting range of 18K Gold Chains in UK has been known for a lot – the variety of designs and uniqueness of each piece. We bring you stunners of all kinds, made for all sorts of occasions. Be it for daily wear or to be draped on a certain exclusive and special occasion, we have just the thing for you. Here are some the designs that we offer:

Plain Gold Chains

One of the more classic and versatile ranges in our assortment presents plain gold chains. These constitute lush masterpieces that will define your style, made even more special with the intricate use of different kinds of links and sections. Our excellent display of 18ct yellow gold chains, especially, has been winning hearts. We present many different lengths and styles, all yours for the choosing.

Statement Gold Chains

Another rich and fabulous range presents chains moulded in lush and stunning, statement making designs. We have some unmissable designs that are sure to win a space in your prized jewellery box. Adorned with uniquely shaped links or available in graduating widths, these delights always have something new and unique to offer. If you’re seeking something different than usual, don’t miss 18K white gold chains.

Why Choose TJC?

Our collection of online 18K Gold Chains has been known and loved for a lot of reasons. Among them, our variety is the biggest. We offer a diverse, rich, and breath-taking range that’s going to leave you spell-bound. With something for everyone, this is where your style essentials are.

Other than our wide range, we also bring you affordability. Our masterpieces of affordable 18ct gold chains promise designs that will easily fit within your budget. Our designs bring pocket-friendly value, a bargain that you won’t be able to deny.

Happy shopping with TJC!

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