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More About Platinum Jewellery

If you really want to pull out all the stops when choosing your perfect piece of jewellery, Platinum is the way to go! This metal is not only the most highly sought after precious metal, but Platinum is the strongest one of them all.

While Platinum has the same luxurious colouration as Silver, it is tarnish resistant and remains super reflective for longer. This stunning metal has a longer shelf life, which is reflected in its price, however, the luxurious details lie its brilliant finish.

As platinum is of limited supply, it is a metal that needs to be coveted at least once in your ever- growing jewellery collection. Indulge in luxury brands such as Iliana and Rhapsody with awe-inspiring pieces and surround stunning and increasingly rare gemstones we know you love, such as; Pearl, Diamonds, Tanzanite, Emeralds with this fantastic metal setting and create a showstopping piece.

If you’re looking for something truly meaningful, express your everlasting love with a stunning Platinum engagement rings or make your big day by exploring our beautiful platinum wedding rings, in our exceptional collection.

Opt for something elegantly simple and allow the lustrous shimmer of Platinum to speak for itself, or find an exquisite piece of jewellery completed with a touch of sparkle for a special look you’ll treasure forever and perhaps, pass down from generation to generation.

The possibilities are endless with Platinum, so whether you find something that immediately catches your heart such as a platinum bracelet, or you want to create something extraordinarily special and unique, through our bespoke team, discover platinum jewellery pieces with TJC!

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