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More About Moonstone Jewellery

The glimpse and glare of moonstone jewellery is a sight to behold. Moonstone with its delicate beauty and long established heritage is one diverse gemstone. As the name says it all, moonstone is associated with the moon and said to be the stone of the goddess Diana. It is said that if one gives a moonstone necklace to his lover on the full moon, the passion between the two won’t die. At TJC, we offer some breathtaking assemblage of moonstone jewellery that simply embraces your treasure trove.

Browse through our intricate collection of Moonstone jewellery that is making waves to spellbound with its rich designs and fine gemstone selection:

Moonstone Rings

Witness some marvels of moonstone rings that have elements to make you stand out with its sheer opulence. TJC make sure to fill your love with exquisite rings crafted with skilled craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Made with silver, gold or platinum metals with desired overlays, the finely selected moonstone sits like a glory on the ring.

Moonstone Necklaces

As mentioned, moonstone necklaces hold a strong power to connect you with your lover. Apart from the perks, the enchanting glare of this distinctive hued gemstone is irreplaceable. With no two gemstones looking alike, the necklaces look quite uncommon and ethereal.

Moonstone Earrings

In order to take your sartorial quotient high, experimentation is must and so one needs to have a hang of right and quirky jewellery to complement with. So, make a seamless impression to turn out best of fashion and elegance with some moonstone bling and what better way than having a pair or two of classy moonstone earrings?

Moonstone Bracelets

Bracelets call for a perfect gift to bring that smile on her face. A piece of jewellery that gorgeously envelopes on her delicate wrist and speaks of endless charm with an illuminating dazzle of gemstone looks so surreal. Moonstone bracelets in distinctive hues are all the rage and add new notes of glam and panache.

TJC ensures to make way for enticing gemstone jewellery having their glimmer on for setting style statement on fleek. Have an experience to cart in some vivid styles in jewellery from our TJC online store.

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