More About Moonstone Rings

Reveal the charming Moonstone magic and gather the energies of the moon at your hand. Our assortment of stunning rings will make you fall in love with them at just a glance. The gorgeous stone comes with rainbow hues and a smooth surface, which is ideal to be cut in different shapes. However, moonstone isn’t just famous for its aesthetic treat.

Known to channel the power of the moon, this stone holds the fascination of many. The stunning hues of the stone vary from translucent white to solid orange to even streaked black. In fact, moonstone is found in a vast spectrum. Come and take your pick from the best real moonstone ring designs that will win you over at just a glance.

The Power of Moonstone

These rings have been widely popular in the UK. And while their colour show is simply sublime, that isn’t the reason of their popularity. Moonstone also holds a lot of power and secrets. It is called “The Stone of Destiny” and several astrologers advice to wear it. It is also believed that wearing a genuine ring can help channel your inner goddess that grants you wisdom and intuition.

When it comes to physical benefits, wearing moonstone close to your heart will clear out the negativity and liven up your aura. According to the Hindu astrology, it is considered as the embodiment of love and should be worn to seek the love of your life. In fact, that’s where the moonstone engagement rings get their meaning and fame.

Our Range of Moonstone Rings

At TJC, we make shopping for moonstone rings online in UK easier and quicker. We host an unparalleled range for you to come and browse. We house some stupendous designs, a few of the popular ones are mentioned below:

Solitaire Moonstone Rings

The single stone is enough to dress you up with good fortune or a diva-like glare. Our selection of solitaire rings come in a vast and spectacular selection. We have pretty picks of moonstone rings in gold (rose, white, yellow,) silver, platinum, and other fancy metals.

Clustered Moonstone Rings

What’s better than a single stone? A cluster of stones! You can get the maximum brilliance of the said gemstones dazzling you in the face of our clustered rings. We also present the huddled close clusters featuring rainbow moonstone rings as well. Come and collect the best of them.

Why TJC?

While there might be many reasons for you to opt for us, the main reasons are as follows::

High-grade quality

At TJC, we promise you the highest grade and class in quality. We offer you an unparalleled range of moonstone rings in UK with designs and authenticity you won’t find anywhere else.

Unmatched Prices

We’re a name known to source and supply only the best gemstones, straight from the mines. This allows us to cut the down the middlemen’s costs, hence, bringing down the per-piece price. It’s how we offer affordable moonstone rings to you, all with an uncompromised quality.

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