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More About Moonstone Earrings

The glazed smoothness and exquisite play of colours together make moonstone one of the most coveted gemstones. The jewellery made from this priceless gem looks out-worldly in all aspects that count. We bring an eloquence just like that, with our exclusive collection.Explore the horizon and come unveil the new and modern designs that suit your style. Ranging from the minimal and simple stud earrings, our selections are scaled to the more extravagant or chunky styles. All in all, we’ve got all rounds of popular designs covered.

Moonstone is a gem that harbours the power of the moon. Channelling the energy of the night sky, this stunning rock holds tales, mysteries, and legends. There are lots of things to be believed about it. For instance, it is believed that moonstone is a symbol of fertility and is worn by several women. Other people believe that it makes you channel your inner goddess. Uncover your prowess from our collection of the bestselling moonstone earrings in UK.

Our Collection of Moonstone Earrings

Our unparalleled collection promises you a variety that you will have not seen anywhere else. We study your choices and mould our designs accordingly. In our spectacular array, you’ll find features that rob you of your breath. From the simplicity of stud earrings to the boastful grandeur of fancy drops, we have covered the entire arena for you. Below are some of our more loved categories in real moonstone earrings:

Moonstone Stud Earrings

The stately presence and elegant fixture of the stud earrings suits to all sorts of requirements. And if you add the magic of kaleidoscopic hues to the mixture, you get sublime and stupendous fixtures. Our range of stud earrings brings you something similar to that magic. From simple and minimal solitaires, you’ll also find designs flaunting extravagance in details.

Drop Moonstone Earrings

Another bestselling feature of our glorious range includes the drop earrings. This assortment promises the elegance of simply designed and minimal drops and also the eloquent chandelier styles. Our most loved features include vintage designs of white moonstone earrings.

Why Choose TJC?

When you’re shopping for moonstone earrings online in UK, you need to be sure of the quality and price. And you can rely on us, on both fronts and beyond. Below are some reasons why you ought to opt for us:

High-grade Quality

At TJC, we only bring you genuine moonstone earrings. Our designs boast originality and some of our more sought-after features are moonstone earrings in gold (rose, white, yellow,) platinum, silver, et cetera.

Low Pricing

Another feature that sets us apart has to do with our pricing. TJC sources its gemstones straight from the mines. This not only ensures that we offer you the best genuine quality, but also eliminates the need to middlemen, hence cutting down on per-piece costs. This, in turn, lets us offer you affordable moonstone earrings.

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