More About Charm Bracelets

Charms are interesting pieces of jewellery widely known for bringing good luck to the wearer. They are a very personal accessory, largely worn as a representation of self, something or someone close, and special moments. The practice of carrying charms or trinkets dates back to the Neolithic era when hunters carried interesting stones to deter evil spirits and bad luck. The use of small trinkets or charms in jewellery especially in the form of Charm Bracelets and Pendants was witnessed first on Egyptian Pharaohs before being worn as a symbol of one’s life by the Romans. It was only the early 20th century, when the purpose of charm jewellery transformed drastically into fashion jewellery, courtesy Queen Victoria.

Today, charms and charm bracelets are highly sought after, and at TJC, we bring some exquisite pieces for the girls and women in UK. TJC has an extensive collection of bracelets cast in sterling silver to suit your individual style at unbelievable prices. The styles range from chic to quirky to sophisticated featuring a variety of motifs like Coin, Heart, Music Note, Animals, Stars and Moon, Lock and Key etc. with some of them sporting the precious Diamonds, Pearls, Sapphires, Tanzanite, Quartz and Topaz. We have also crafted some pieces in the unbreakable stainless steel that will last you a lifetime, pick them up for aesthetic value or as keepsakes or as something you would want to pass down the generations. For the lovers of shimmer, we have bracelets finished with premium-quality yellow, rose gold and white gold overlay.

Charm bracelets are evergreen; they are a perfect accessory to accentuate your everyday look and are sturdy enough to be worn round the clock. Stack them with pearl strands or solid metal bangles to add a chic appeal to your overall ensemble; they are quite contemporary and will never go out of fashion. Charm bracelets also make impeccable gifts for your mother and sister or a beloved friend. If you are looking for a birthday gift for your daughter’s 16th or 18th birthday, or are cracking your brain up for a perfect gift to mark a special moment in your relationship, you need not look further than TJC’s collection.

There is a story behind each charm if you look closely, it captures sentiments, is a reminder of the beautiful moments in past, and a link to the future maybe. We also have an impressive array of charms for you to customize the bracelets to your heart’s desire. Be charmed with our collection as you browse through, in search of the pieces that define you the best. Let your charms tell the story of your affections.

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