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More About Silver Bracelets

Available as a natural element on earth, Silver was first consciously mined in 3000 BC and has been evolved as one of the most popular and adored precious metals after gold, ever since. Owning to its mirror like shine it always gives a finished look and is thus an indispensable part of jewellery making. Distinctive silver jewellery is something every woman desires, and bracelets are the most loved of all. Accentuating the beauty of your hands, bracelets immediately add an alluring appeal to your overall look and ensemble. TJC brings an impressive assortment of silver bracelets for the women in UK and Europe at incredible prices.

Best worn as solid, chains and cuffs, silver bracelets are a must-have for your jewellery box. Minimalistic, sensuous and sophisticated silver, despite its brilliant lustre never overpowers your attire and blends in perfectly with casual as well as evening wardrobe. TJC has an enticing collection elegantly done in 92.5% silver alloy popularly known as sterling silver which is added with 7.5% of zinc or copper to increase the hardness and durability of the original metal. Sterling silver is the most appropriate and popular choice for casting jewellery that will last you a lifetime.

With statement pieces making inroads to the jewellery collection, every lady wishes for a designer piece and we have some great ones from talented designers like Rachel Galley and Lucy Q. Our in-house brands J Francis and Elanza also feature elegant and subtle pieces that will charm their way into your heart at first look. Delicately set in Italian and Thai sterling silver, we have some exquisite bracelets under our famous Jewels of India, Royal Bali and Royal Jaipur collections.

Gifting sterling silver bracelets is also a great way of expressing love and gratitude; personalize it by choosing from the range of birthstone jewellery studded with Rubies, Diamonds, Tanzanite, Sapphires, Emeralds, Turquoise and Pearls. Impeccably plated with 9K, 14K, Gold, Rhodium and Platinum, for a complete look TJC has a wide array of silver bracelets embellished with charms, hearts and beads.

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