More About Ammolite Jewellery

Ammolite is a rare gem that has a scintillating effect and definitely a sight to behold. Exhibiting a wide range of dazzling colours this gemstone is widely desired for assembled jewellery pieces. The process of extracting this gemstone is quite interesting as it is derived from the fossilised shells of extinct ammonites or ancient sea creatures. Found only in the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, this is unique in all its form.

TJC has carved some of the most enchanting pieces from this gemstone and display a galore of breath-taking styles for the women in the UK.

Ammolite Rings

Why not experience with something offbeat and yet to surreal? Ammolite being a gemstone so unique when fashioned with a precious metal like silver, it governs an enchanting beauty in all its glory. The green, red, blue hues of this stone when flanks on the top of the ring with a silver setting, only masterpieces are formed.

Ammolite Pendants

Treat yourself to an affordable yet so oh-so-amazing collection of ammolite pendant that unravels elegance for its customers. A pendant is a piece of jewellery that never goes out from the style index and having something as splendid and unique as an ammolite pendant is simply having a prized possession, to say the least.

Ammolite Earrings

Give your ears a real treat of ammolite earrings in studs and lever back earrings that she never fails to don for a maximum impression. The fine amalgamation with a sterling silver setting and the gorgeous green hue of ammolite stone showcases a tremendous amount of glory for the wearer. Inexpensive jewellery having high standards of quality and best-procured gemstone is simply a buy to embrace for life.

Regal vibes empower your treasure trove jewellery collection and therefore garnering it with some immaculate pieces is no bad idea. So, ladies go on and discover the most envy-worthy ammolite jewellery from TJC.

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