Ammolite Pendants

Affix the impeccable and gorgeous sizzle of ammolite at the hollow of your neck and steal a number of longing glances! The riveting stone flaunts a transformational beauty with its colours transitioning into one another. Get your own pendant adorned encrusted with this spectacular sight. [Read More]

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More About Ammolite Pendants

Very few other stones can hold as much as a candle to the raw and unbridled beauty of ammolite. Boasting of an unparalleled metallic gleam, this stone looks nothing short on magical as it sits boldly at the base of your neck. Wrapped in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, it only heightens the flawless basking of the metal used. The cheery thing about it is its versatility. With a whole spectrum of transitioning hues, you can wear the pendant encrusted with this stone with any ensemble and revel in the perfect match!

Finding a perfect amalgamation of at least 3 different colours, ammolite is considered to be one of the most prized stones in TJC’s collection. With its effortless brilliance and rarity in availability, we display it as one of our most exotic and treasured stones. And the best way to give it the honour that matches its excellence is by jewelling it in a pendant. Letting it show off its colours will add an impressionable pop of bold colours to your attire, enlivening up your presence. You’ll not find any two stones looking the same!

Offering a whole lot of selection of this stone embellished in pendants, you’ll find it being flaunted as a solitaire piece as it takes the centre stage of glory. You will also find it sharing its enchanting appearance in the company of other equally impressive stones like zircons and diamonds! Wear it with a simple black or white dress, and let its colourful façade take the centre stage and dazzle everyone!

Ammolite isn’t only known for its aesthetic appeal, even though it is incredible to look at. There are several healing properties attached with it. There are a number of legends sung about the stone as well. In fact, it is quite popular in the healing community. Many people regard it to have excellent vibration and healing benefits. They claim that because it is found in a spiral shell, the energy radiates through them and affects our chakras positively.

Another thing to note about your precious ammolite pendant is that it is very fragile. Ammolite has been ranked 3.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it a soft stone. It is also the reason why you’ll only rarely find any facets on it. You need to take special care of this stone as it is very susceptible to break if it comes at receiving end of a blunt force trauma. In fact, if you’re looking to clean it, keep it away from the commercial cleaners and steam cleaners as extreme temperatures might make it crack.

You can browse through our incredible collection to find that perfectly enchanting piece that might hold more meaning and promise than all your other collectables. We also offer the most reliant, quick, and convenient shipping services.

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