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More About Ammolite Rings

Flaunt the illustrious and vivacious charm of the ammolite jewellery as it sits adorned on your hands, neck, or ears! Promising a rich and mesmerizing fusion of different colours, this transformational stone makes it easy to fall in love with the sheer beauty of it. What’s great for you is that we present a gawking and luminous range of ammolite rings, earrings, pendants, and more.

There are lots of properties that make this stone much sought-after. Its intense and unique colour is just one of its several winning traits. The metallic tinge of exotic green mixing with the entrancing rust red, this stone is definitely for the keeps! It even suits and matches with all kinds of special and precious metals, like platinum, gold, rose gold, et cetera. However, its true uniqueness is refined if it is used as a solitaire piece.

In fact, if you’re seeking of the transformational beauty and glint of this stone, you’ll best find it encrusted in a solitaire ring or pendant. Also, owing to its weakness and low score on the Mohs scale of hardness, there are only cabochons found, not faceted cuts. Pear, round, and octagon cabochons are some of the most preferred cuts of ammolite.

Ammolite rings have always held the fancy of several people. And there are reason related to its aesthetic beauty as well as for its astrological importance. Many healers regard it to be godly stone, harbouring some of the most magical healing properties. It is widely acknowledged to rid the wearer of negative energy or influence, promising a future and mental state full of delight.

The true beauty of these ammolite rings are that you find no two stones alike. Every ring in our collection boasts of a fantastic and unique ammolite with a different colour variation. And that’s what makes it pricey. However, at TJC, you will find market-beating prices and affordable ammolite rings, with high grades and long-lasting quality.

Something that sets us apart and ahead of the competition is our incredible range. We present you an unmatched collection of ammolite rings, boasting and flaunting several coveted styles. In our selection, you’ll find rings portraying the most minimal designs and you’ll also find some bold and behemoth patterns that set your ensemble apart. From simple solitaire designs to the ones with a multitude of gems, there’s nothing we have missed out on. The beautiful and show-stopping colours of ammolite have been carefully planned and studded with the perfect outlays that enhance all exquisiteness.

However, this is definitely not all. At TJC, we have a lot more to offer you. We have an enormous and splendid collection of the best rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and so much more that you should come look at! Don’t just finish your shopping here but come over and complete your jewellery set with the best adornments.

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