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More About Amber Jewellery

Who doesn’t want some bling binging? Well, if it is something so surreal and divine like amber, it definitely needs an indulgence. The mystical charisma of amber is not alien to anyone. Jewellery connoisseurs from across the world rave for this gorgeous gemstone and TJC presents to you some of the riveting amber jewellery that simply lifts your treasure trove collection to all new heights.

Amber stone is a fossilised resin that varies from a pale yellow to a dark orange colour. With its mystical significance, it is said to be quite a healer as it imparts the wearer a perfect sense of health and healing. The gorgeous Amber jewellery so made is just breathtaking to see. Give credits to the richness of the stone or the piece so created as whole, Amber jewellery is surreal to see and wear.

It imparts a rich history with Baltic amber as old as 400 million years and making quite a wave off-late as such a stunner in the jewellery industry. Baltic region is home to the largest deposit of Amber as known to mankind. No wonder, it is entrancing the world for dressing such a rich and rare beauty and what better than grabbing it an affordable price from TJC.

TJC brings a comprehensive assortment of Amber jewellery that settles as a perfect place to binge into some shopping. Let’s go ahead:

Amber Necklaces

Empower your personality trying some breathtakingly unique Amber necklaces casted in precious metals to bring out a plethora of necklaces to choose from. For a jewellery connoisseur and enthusiast, having some statement neckpieces always come prior and what better way than exploring some real steals here at TJC.

Amber Bracelets

Fasten your fashion goals with a gorgeous band of Amber bracelet that is a beauty in every sense. The gleam and glare of Amber stones are magnificent taking you to the notes of royalty. At TJC, skilled craftsmen work day and night to put in a piece that defines uniqueness and eternity. Fashioned with precious metals, our jewellery has its own definition.

Amber Rings

Let the very rare Baltic Amber mount on your ring in gold and sterling silver overlay. This is the beauty of Amber that its distinctive hues complement nicely with the gold and sterling silver overlay. On top of that, a statement ring is something that every woman needs to march in like a boss.

Amber Pendants

Pendants when beautifully curated with a unique gemstone make waves for people to grab them. We at TJC are offering a platform to give wings to your dreams of buying contemporary yet unique and intricate jewellery at one place. Procured from across the globe, Amber gemstone richly explains the desire of a woman to accessorise vividly.

Here to that, jewellery is love; give your love a direction at TJC!!

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