Amber Pendants

Are you’re a connoisseur of mystical jewellery that holds within the tales of time? If you’re looking for something like that, then you’ve wound up to the right place. Amber is a stone formed spanning 44 million years and makes the best kind of amber pendants [Read More]

More About Amber Pendants

The enchanting and exquisite orange tinge of amber pendants is a winner for sure, but it is not the prized feature that makes amber a delight that it is. A large number of collectors all over the globe strive for the possession of this incredible stone. So, what is it that makes it so coveted and wanted?

Well, the special feature of amber is its age. Formed out of the dried-out resins of trees, this stone takes hundreds of years to form. The oldest pieces of amber ever found have been dated back to approximately 44 million years! It goes without saying that this stone harbours secrets of time and past. Some particular findings of the stone feature DNA and composition of the insects that have long been extinct from the face of the planet! In fact, the stone that has been flaunted in the popular movie Jurassic Park, which features the DNA of dinosaurs used for their artificial creation, is amber.

TJC is one of the exclusive suppliers and sellers of authentic amber jewellery. Our amber pendants have been acknowledges and appreciated by several fashion critiques all over the world. What makes our designs so special and different from the tidal wave of others is the hard work of our adroit team. They work tirelessly over hours to days, perfecting each amber pendant detail so we can present only the best to you. Whether used in its natural shape or buffed to a cabochon, amber is stately and elegant stone that exudes a rich flair like no other stone.

We pair this stunning stone with the perfect metal choices. Our amber pendant designs feature the flawless shine and classy style of platinum, while some features display the godly and imperial glare of yellow gold. Some of our most treasured, simple designs boast the use of serene rose gold, too. The metal choice used as the underlay in our amber pendants ensures that it gives your jewellery long sustenance and life.

As of now, we’re bragging about the excellent work of three designers who have won international fame for their unique designs. Lucy Q, Rachel Galley, and Giuseppe Perez are responsible for coming up with some of our most-sold features! With the clever, intricate, and detailed use of metal to the embellishment of the correct stone in the company of amber, they live up to the expectations!

From simple solitaire amber pendants to extravagant ones, we collect it all for you. We have some very elegant pieces that feature minimal detailing and amber in its rough form, and we have certain pieces that flaunt not only amber but a lot of other precious stones in its company! We cater to the needs of everyone. Happy shopping!

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