Amber Rings

Amber, the stone that holds within the secrets as old as time! TJC brings you a celebrative collection of rings with this unique and mystical stone studded at the middle! Find enriching designs of the luminous amber rings, exclusively at TJC! [Read More]

More About Amber Rings

Containing the mystical depths of time and tales of the past long gone, amber is a stone that is coveted by many. The entrancing orange hue and shockingly clear clarity of it makes it one prized possession that is wanted by almost everyone. And we bring it especially to you! Varying from large to smaller sizes, our range of amber rings online in UK is unparalleled. Look for that perfect and befitting design that you want to flaunt!

A name famed for the incredible quality of stones, TJC is your one-stop solution to the bling need. You’ll be delighted to find a flaunt-worthy and boastful collection of uncountable precious gemstones, sizzling and dazzling in all their glory. Promising luxurious cuts, brilliant faceting, and unique techniques of stone setting, our collection of amber rings is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Amber is one stone that we’re immensely proud of. It keeps on the high and treasured mantel of our refined selection of rare and princely stones. The stone is made in the dried-out resins of trees, which makes it an organic stone. Seeing as to how long it takes to dry the resin, the age of amber spans to hundreds of years. There is a reason why they call it “the stone of time” as it contains the happenings of hundreds of years! What’s regaling than to have worn the time on your hands, all with our bestselling amber rings?

One fun fact is that the stone so proudly flaunted in Jurassic Park, containing the preserves of dinosaur DNA, is in fact amber. The luscious orange tinge of this remarkable gem contains the DNA or remains of insects and beings that have long been wiped from the face of this earth. Now, imagine the beauty of this exquisite stone paired with the blinding glare of precious metal. That’s an enchanting piece of valuable jewellery right there! And you can get it exclusively at TJC!

Find a revelling and riveting collection of the best of precious stones, bedazzled with genuine amber rings in our array. From the priced and bold presence of diamonds, we have refined selections of opal, spinel, citrine, et cetera. Our designs are one among million and you won’t anything like them in the market. Case in point, the ingenious works of our in-house designers like Lucy Q, Rachel Galley, and Giuseppe Perez. You must also browse through our impeccable brand-name range, which consists of famed names like Elanza, Iliana, Rhapsody, and more.

We’re also a known, acknowledged, and appreciated name when it comes to the use of precious metals in our designs. Our selection varies from the use of the simple, dark shine of rhodium and goes to the blinding and entrancing glare of yellow gold. The lovely tinge of rose gold is also something we provide to the amber ring designs, to make them extra special.

All in all, we’re your best bet if you’re looking to shop for amber rings in UK. We also hand out the best and fun offers to our customers. If you’d like to be in the know and loop about these fleeting deals, then you must sign up for our newsletter. Happy shopping!

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