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More About 14K Gold Rings

The purity of gold is measured at the scale of 0 to 24. A 14k gold ring contains 10 parts copper and silver metals with the 14 ratio of gold. 24k is the purest quality of gold. Gold ring is a staple in any jewellery collection and often considered a thoughtful purchase. We are offering an array of designs in the gold rings that are further accentuated with sought-after gemstones. Buy a new style gold ring for your loved ones from the amazing collection of 14ct gold rings displaying admirable designs to be loved forever. Give your gold collection some everlasting delights designed by the skilled artisans at TJC.

TJC’s collection of 14k gold rings

Gold is one of the most popular metals for crafting jewellery due to its eye-catching lustre and timeless sheen. We are glad to present you an amazing ring collection featuring new designs in fine 14k gold. Whether you are looking for an eternity ring or timeless solitaire ring, the collection has it all. You will come across gorgeous designer 14k yellow gold rings that are beautifully adorned with diamonds, tanzanite, emeralds etc. You will love to add these beautiful pieces to your gold collection.

14k Gold Rings for Women

Glance at our beautiful collection of gold rings featuring impressionable designs to cherish forever. We are offering never seen before designs and themes that will make you look extraordinary among the rest. From timeless ring designs to the trendy ones, there are amazing options for you. So, what type of gold ring you have in mind? Explore the collection to find your perfect fit.

14k Gold Rings for Men

Buying a ring for your better half or a male counterpart can be tricky, it could their first ring or they might have some preferences. Hence, pick a ring they would love to flaunt and that reflects their personality. TJC brings you versatile rings including 14k white gold rings featuring amazing designs like eternity rings, band rings, five stone rings etc. We are also offering quality along with eye catchy designs. Gift your loved ones a gorgeous gold ring, destined to be treasured forever in your collection.

Why Chose TJC?

TJC is best known for its affordable price and finest quality. Our products are made with attention to detailing and we strive to offer only the best. With a good demand for 14k gold, we have designed remarkable pieces in our range of 14k gold rings collection in UK. Most of these rings combine a beautiful design with stunning stones, which adds a whole new level of charm to the pieces. You will be delighted to find a range of rings suitable for both men and women. Find your perfect pick and flaunt the gorgeous gold rings on various occasions.

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