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More About 14K Gold Earrings

When we say 14k, we’re promising 14 parts of pure, glistening gold, in the ratio. With 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy materials like copper and zinc, this an elite grade and purity of gold that brings you delightful value.

Earring is a wonderful piece of jewellery that do wonders to your overall look. Add some beautiful 14ct gold earrings to your collection that are accentuated with the top-grade gemstones. You will love to don these earrings that are displaying remarkable designs with easy to use clasp backings.

TJC’s collection of 14k gold earrings

Some designs are meant to be cherished forever and we are offering you the same. The collection of gold earrings here at TJC featuring classy designs that are either decorated with high grade gemstones or crafted in the neat finishing of just plain metal. Each pair of earrings displays remarkable shine that you would love to flaunt to your onlookers. These pieces are best suited for daily wear as most of them are crafted in a fine grade of gold and featuring sophisticated pattern like 14k gold studs in solitaire design.

Designer Theme Earrings

Embrace your ensembles with the stunning designer earrings showcasing a range of patterns. There are a variety of pieces for you in the collection of designer rings. Most of the designs are inspired from jewellery trends so that assist you to look your best. Featuring 14k gold stud earrings, drop earrings, solitaire earrings etc. Every piece you come across display luxe finishing and is best for your everyday style.

Classic Theme Earrings

Frame your pretty face with classic style earrings like 14k gold studs. These earrings showcase impressionable designs in 14k gold. If you are a lover of designs that reminds of Royal times, you will have many choices in the collection. Most of the pairs like 14k gold hoop earrings adorned with top grade gemstones make you look extraordinary.

Why choose TJC?

TJC strives to bring you finest quality jewellery pieces with stunning designs. Whether you are looking for an occasional jewellery or something for daily wear, we offer many options to our customers. You get eye catchy designs in the finest quality metal at TJC. TJC’s Online collection of 14k gold earrings in UK displays timeless designs in a range of patterns ranging from 14k gold drop earrings, stud earrings, dangles etc.

Low prices

TJC is recognized for its high-grade quality at easily accessible prices. Be assured of durability in all of our jewellery products, it is designed in high quality metals and embraced with top grade gemstones. If you are looking for budget friendly gemstone jewellery, glance at your collection that is designed by the skilled artsians with finesse. We design jewellery for every occasion, be it a festival, date or formal, we are sure you will find the right fit. Upgrade your collection with some beautiful gold earrings and serve up remarkable golden sparkle.

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