More About 14K Gold Necklace

With the melange of designs and patterns available in the market, it can be tough sometimes to pick a rightful product, and hence, we are here to help you out. With the quality of 14k Gold, each neck piece above showcases a blend of fourteen parts of pure gold mixed with other metal alloys. The beauty of all these products is further enhanced with the addition of valuable gemstones in it, each denoting a unique tale. Available in the design of beaded, pendant and what not, the necklace serves majority of role in adding a fine value to one’s personality and we here strive to provide you with only the best of 14K gold necklace in UK.

TJC’s collection of 14K gold necklace:

We offer countless gemstones and their types in the necklaces of this range, each designed to give you with something new and something more. With the metal finish of different tones and amalgamation of stones, explore the variant below, provided in the neck pieces crafted in 14K gold.


Who said leopard print is all about browns and ochres? In our colossal collection of leopard print scarves online, you can witness some very unique colour blends, for example browns, blacks and even bright blues.

Beaded Necklace:- As the name suggests, this type of neck pieces is generally adorned with the beads of a particular gemstone or it can be a blend of multiple, depending on the design.

Pendant and chain:- This set of two is usually available with a classic and sleek chain, adorned with a pendant in it. The pendant is further enchanted with other gemstones and designs in this type of 14k gold pendant necklaces.

Minimal necklaces:- These necklaces are very decent and elegant in looks, they feature a very tiny or minimal looking design, which can be a classic pendant or a small pattern. Due to this factor, this type of necklaces is good for everyday use, without overdoing things.

Metal Tones: :

1. Yellow Gold: The 14k yellow gold necklaces are made with 58.3 per cent pure gold mixed with remaining parts of other metal alloy, like copper and zinc to get the golden tone in it.

2. White Gold: Resembling very much with the sheen of platinum, the 14k white gold necklaces are crafted with fourteen parts gold, amalgamated with metal, like palladium and silver to get the silver shimmer.

3. Rose Gold: This type of gold is very famous and high in trend these days. Available with a pinkish sheen with a delicate note of gold. The 14K rose gold necklace showcased in our fine collection are manufactured in smooth finish of 14 parts gold (58.3%) blended with copper for the rosy tint into it.

Why Choose TJC?

Since necklaces play a major role in any jewellery collection, they should be brought from a trusted source that can offer not just looks but also the quality. In our range of 14K gold necklaces online, you can see the great quality of gold in three unique tones, without affecting the quality. Here at TJC, we believe in spreading smiles while satisfying our consumers.

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