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More About Gold Drop Earrings

Be it your everyday look or an important meeting at the office, you will feel the need to add a pair of earrings to your face. The jewellery effortlessly dresses your face with elegance and beauty. When you are looking for a pair that makes you the centre of attention, nothing works better than the drop earrings. The trendy earrings have the boldness of the shoulder-duster and the sensual appeal of the chandeliers, making them the ideal accessory to style-up your looks. The gold drop earrings designs in our collection not only give your outfits as an instant facelift but also add charisma to your personality. Seeing the divine lustre of the 18ct gold drop earrings and twinkling gemstones, your loved ones will skip a heartbeat as they see you.

Adorn with graceful falls by your ears and find the rhythm that matches your elegance. The lovely ear adornments came into existence in 1800. People began to wear strings of beads and metallic earrings consisting of a post and a portion that dropped below the earlobes. The unique silhouette of the drop adds style and grace to the wearer’s face. These earrings have been one of the most popular varieties, associated with richness and grandeur. Given that the metal has a royal status due to its fine quality, every woman desires to own a pair of gold drop earrings at some point in her life. Explore through to seek tempting designs that you can’t say no to.

While jewellery is one of the prized possessions for women and even little girls, not all of them wish to wear too much bling. For those of you who want to complete their looks with a dab of sparkling glow, the small gold drop earrings are a perfect choice. The solitaire drops with a single gemstone hanging down your ear will subtly up your style game. Want to add a dash of gorgeousness? The halo drop earrings are the ideal pick. The conventional teardrop-shaped earpieces have an old-school charm you can’t resist. The striking gemstones such as diamonds, tanzanite and aquamarine embedded on the surface stun you with their breath-taking hue.

Looking to add some flamboyance to your outfits? Our long drop earrings in gold are made for you. The top-notch ear jewellery is offered in a variety of styles. If you are someone who values intricacy, the mesh-like structure of the sculpture earrings will impress you. In case, you are a lover for simplicity, choose the earrings with a single row of gemstones or thin strands travelling down your ear. We can’t deny the fact that all of us love flowers. They instantly bring joy and happiness to their heart, the same happens when you give our floral drops to a woman you love. The arresting motifs inspired by the flowers are widely admired for their feminine look.

Last but not least are our graceful geometric designs, which are a hit amongst the high-fashion crowd. The drops consist of eye-catchy shapes like star, teardrop, kite, circle and more studded with a galore of gemstones in an enticing fashion to create marvellous earrings. The gems with bright hue are accented by diamonds, zircons and Swarovski crystals. These ladies gold drop earrings will spoil you for choices. They are offered in three different metal tones. The pristine white gold encrusted with glamorous embellishments give your face a neat look. If you want to ditch both the platinum-like sheen and the long-established yellow tone, rose gold earrings are your perfect choice. Want to go with the standard yellow gold? We have ample drop earrings online in this classic metal tone, too.

Shop for a wide range of designs from the dainty earring sliding slightly below your earlobes or the large pairs touching the bottom of your neck with our gold drop earrings UK collection.

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