Japanese Movement Watches

Have a taste of excellence, both in style and reliability with the collection of Japanese Movement Watches! Understand the brilliance of the make and long-lasting correct time-telling with this beautiful range! [Read More]

More About Japanese Movement Watches

What is the meaning of Japanese Movement watches, we find ourselves asking. Japanese Movement watches can be simply understood as the watches whose movement mechanism is structured in Japan or under the supervision of Japanese authentication. In all essence, the seal of Japanese Movement is a mark of structural excellence. It means that the time-telling of the watch is reliable and will last for many lifetimes.

We at TJC offer you a whole lot of watches that promise the worth an incredible value, as they’re developed with the Japanese Movement. We also offer a rich array of higher priced watches that come inscribed with Swiss Movement as well. As of now, we’re offering you four famed brands. They are Strada, Genoa, Rachel Galley, and Blackjack. Find interesting designs and astonishing prices in our range and get delivered excellence right at your doorstep.

There are some special features that we cannot help but boast about. Some of our watches have metal strap with them, or leather band, or even bands studded with authentic and genuine gemstones. For your ease of access, we have assembled some filters on the left side where you can select your preference of listing on the basis of price, colour, types of strap, any special feature, or more. We have also employed refinements that make shopping easy, with your selection being presented in the arrangement of price, demand, or even suggestions from our in-house experts.

At TJC, we make everything possible! You’ll find a grand display of designs and outlays to match every occasion. We have a fine collection of watches fit for a professional environment, for daily wear, for special occasions, and for your every requirement. We also have a range of watches studded with real, genuine, and authentic gemstones, which make your wrist dazzle with a colourful and rich sight!

To make your shopping experience smooth, we have developed a highly functional and user-friendly website. Our interface ensures that you shop without a glitch. We’re also very stringent when it comes to our uncompromised quality. We have certain standards of perfection that we strive to maintain. For that purpose, we have set up quality analysis and assessment ports where each product is checked and analysed thoroughly before being shipped. In this way, we keep control of the best quality and a perfect shopping experience.

If in case, you’re not happy with the quality that we have shipped, you may also return it to us. However, the chances of an unsatisfactory experience happening are from slim to none. That said, readers are strongly advised to go through the return policies.

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