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More About Designer Watches

Wristwatches had been a purely decorative accessory for women for a long time before soldiers discovered their usefulness in the wartime situations. But today one cannot determine whether it was the practicality or the understated elegance of this accessory that it is adored by men and women equally and brands are selling it like hotcakes. TJC has been offering the men and women in the UK with exceptional accessories for years now and has put together an impressive assemblage of designer watches at incredible prices.

From delicate designs to bold pieces and from everyday essentials to occasion-wear we have enticing watches that you will not find anywhere else. Our designer inspired pieces from STRADA and GENOA feature trendy straps and dials elegantly finished in Austrian Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Glass, Agate, Beads, Cats Eye and many more gemstones for a classy and put-together look. While the dragonfly, floral and cuff straps are perfect statement pieces for you to keep a track of time in style, the chain, and bangle straps are the epitome of sophistication and are suited well for all sun-down events.

We have turned up the glamour quotient of our timepieces especially for the gorgeous, fashion-savvy ladies of UK. To add a hint of drama to your overall look for a special occasion, pick a charm bracelet watch in Silver and Rose Gold or opt for our exclusive designer watch sets with the matching bracelet and pendant. Combining quality with value and style, watches from our collection are versatile accentuating your everyday look as well as dressing up your wrists for significant events. Turn your attention towards this eclectic collection of designer watches powered by the Japanese quartz movement; the pieces are classic yet on-trend and will effortlessly complement everything in your wardrobe.

Indulge in designer pieces from TJC’s online boutique at inordinately reasonable prices today!

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