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More About Rose Gold Watches

Looking at the modern day masculine watches fitting the wrists of men like a second skin, one cannot guess that the timepiece was originally designed as a decorative accessory for women. As the role of both men and women evolved in the society over time, the wristwatches transformed from a decorative accessory to more of a practical one accompanying them whenever they stepped out. But for women, these timepieces never stopped being a fashion statement, something they could easily flaunt and something that can add a finishing touch to their outfits.

Fashion trends in the modern day change at the blink of an eye, but one trend that has been sizzling hearts with desire for years is of Rose Gold accessories. Be it timepieces or jewellery, they have taken the world by storm with their understated and innate charm. To cater to this need, TJC has put on display an eclectic collection of designer inspired Rose Gold watches for men and women in the UK. Adding interest to your wrists these are stylish, sensible, sophisticated, and statement pieces that will easily transition your day look to evening flair.

From bold red and blue straps with enamelled dials adding fun to your everyday look to elegant watches with dazzling Austrian Crystals complementing your sun-down ensemble; we have a piece for everyone that will suit your varied styles and budgets. While the two-tone watches in rose gold and white are glamorous and ultra-feminine, the ones with black and rose gold hues are luxurious and irresistibly masculine. Rose gold dials complemented with black or brown croc-embossed leather strap make the perfect work-week timepieces for men.

With pieces from brands like GENOA and STRADA, we achieve our aim of offering quality and value at unparalleled prices. Men and women who can’t get enough of this colour, pick an exquisite timepiece from TJC’s wide range of bright and bold colours, sleek and bold designs, charms and pocket watches.

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