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More About Solitaire Jewellery

Iconic yet minimal, the term, “Solitaire” refers to any piece of jewellery studded with just one gemstone. As simple as it may sound but the solitaire jewellery in UK is one of the fastest selling styles and is mostly adopted for office wear and regular use. Solitaire is the only jewellery type that can be worn on daily basis as well as on any sophisticated occasion. Studded with classic Solitaire diamond, rings are often picked for the engagement and weddings. The solitaire jewellery can mark one of the most significant occasions in one’s life and maintain the opulence and regal touch. Offering the notable designs, the solitaire jewellery at TJC is ready to win your heart with the incredible designs and options to choose from. Dive in the pool of products adorned with just one gemstone and pick your best mate with us.

TJC’s Collection of Solitaire Jewellery

• Pendant:- Adorned with just one gemstone or diamond in the centre, the solitaire pendants are perfect for every occasion. When paired with a sleek chain, they can form a perfect minimal jewellery set. In these pendants, the artistic metal framing and works usually grab a lot of attention.

• Ring:- Classic and timeless, the solitaire rings are mostly sought for engagements and weddings. They are elegant and nothing can beat the beauty of a diamond studded on a platinum smooth frame! Available in the band pattern or sleek frame, these rings are perfect for everyday occasion.

• Earrings:- Stud or drop, the earrings have variety of options for you to choose from. The solitaire earrings are available in ample of designs and with variant clasps to suit your requirements. From fancy to classic regular stud earrings, we have everything you need.

• Necklace:- A perfect set of pendants and a chain, this duo is designed with very phenomenal details and finish. Offering countless options to choose from, the necklaces are available with artistic metal display and designs to lure you with.

• Jewellery sets:- Want us to play matchmaker for you? We sorted the matching jewellery products right here for you to make the gorgeous sets and combos. Offering multiple solitaire jewellery pieces, we have perfect jewellery combinations to match with your requirements.

Why Choose TJC?

Offering some of the fastest selling beauties of solitaire jewellery online, TJC has rooted its manifestation not just in jewellery world but also in lifestyle and fashion. We here, have ample of products pick from, be it a bidder or a buyer, we have something good and unique for each one of you. Assured with the quality and after going over a complete quality check, our products are delivered to you with our hand packed love and sincerity. We believe in delivering the joy of shopping, and hence, give our finest performance and services to you.