Jardin Collection

There’s an all-new collection and it’s coming in for the win! Presenting our Jardin collection, its features are skilled and intricate detailing in hand-carved Mother of Pearl along with artisanal hand-enamelling. Come have a look for yourself! [Read More]

More About Jardin Collection

It’s new and it’s sizzling hot! We’re thrilled to introduce our all-new Jardin Collection of exquisite jewellery pieces! Flaunting the most luxuriously rich designs, this collection features all that is enchanting and glorious. Get the most detailed designs at wonderfully low prices, which are lower than anywhere found in the competitive market. With fancy floral outlays of necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings, you’ll never need to shop from anywhere else.

The basic theme of this range is flowers. If you love the ethereal beauty of vividly detailed floral jewellery, then our Jardin collection is just where you need to be. You’ll fall in love with the delicate tracery that you will find hand-carved on the Mother of Pearl, something which is arduous and needs talented, skilled craftsmen. The astounding clarity of the details of floral pattern on the Mother of Pearls will leave you breathless and awed.

Another thing that makes this collection so popular is the use of multiple gemstones. Our artists have used the most real life-like stones to match with the floral design. With the red of garnet or ruby, white of topaz or zircon, and green of diopside or emerald, the jewellery in our Jardin Collection has bespoke, real-looking flowers decorated on the locks and enclosures.

Jardin collection also features the best of pearls. Our catalogue will bring you the best and the most prized pieces of freshwater pearls and South Sea pearls – all resourced right from the best origins. TJC is a name known and acknowledged for the authenticity and high quality of the gems and that’s because we go great lengths to acquire just the best for you.

The fantastically detailed artisanal hand-enamelling is something we take great pride in, under our Jardin collection. We have employed the best and most skilled artisans who work tirelessly to perfect each and every piece of this gorgeous range. You’ll be entranced by the vivid and perfected details in our designs, with an added benefit of long-life and uniqueness. Each piece of our collection is different than the other, with its own blend of rare beauty and uniqueness.

That all said, the real reason why we’re the best place to buy Jardin collection is because we offer prices lower than anywhere in the competitive market. You’ll be stunned and delighted when you see the affordability of our artwork in form of jewellery! At low and thrifty prices, our collection is making rounds of appreciative fame. You don’t want to miss out on it, do you?

Cast in the array of best selections of metal (rose, white, yellow gold, platinum, rhodium, and more,) our pieces glisten with pristine glamour. The delicacy of our features is impossible to match. You need to see for yourself how remarkable this new Jardin collection is!

But, don’t just stop shopping here! There’s a lot we have to offer. Check our sublime ranges of rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and more to get the best of everything.

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