More About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery

Addictively beautiful and charmingly bright, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is a gem that everyone has seemed to shower with love. Polished to an incredible lustre, this stone is all about lovable charm. The exquisite pale blue to bright blue colour of the gem is what sets it apart and ahead of all the other stones. Connoisseurs love it and collectors can’t get enough of it. Our beautiful pieces of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery in UK have made quite the stir in the market, and you need to come see just how and why.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is a stone being sourced from the same-named mountain located in Arizona, Unites States of America. The mountain is called so because how it is located resembles a woman lying on her back, appearing to be sleeping. It was found 40 years ago, and its prime focus now is to source bright-blue turquoise stones. It’s also known to be the largest producer of this gem in USA. Below are the different ranges seen in our collection of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery in UK:

Our Collection of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery

Lose yourself in the open sky-like allure of the said gemstone. Our bestselling Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewellery online has some designs and features that you won’t be able to say no to. The best feature of this gem is its versatility. Ideal for all styles, occasions, and matching with all preferences, it is loved by everyone who sets an eye on it. Come and collect your favourite design from the range, and shop for the best pieces.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rings

As incredible as wearing the sky on your fingers, our ring jewellery with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is something you’re sure to fall in love with. From solitaire stunners to clustered designs, we’ve got a lot in store, waiting just for you. Enjoy a taste in peppy fashion with grace etched in every detail, exclusively with our designs.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings

Representative of freedom and cacophony of joys, this gem looks vivacious as it nestles in the designs of earrings. Our excellent designs of earrings are suited to all styles, events, and preferences. These exclusive pieces will bring you all the compliments and praises for you. Enjoy our spectacular designs of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery in gold, silver, and more tones of metals.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendants

Nestling beautifully at the base of your neck, these designs enhance your grace and poise. With its ranking of 5-6 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, turquoise is easy to be cut and polished in the shape that you’d wish to wear. And for the same reason, we have an incredible selection of different shaped gemstones.

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise jewellery online in UK is done incredibly well if it’s done with us. We offer a fabulously wide selection of designs and stunners that’ll win your heart in the matter of seconds! Different with the base metal or different in sizes, the variety seen with us is truly unrivalled.

And not only a spanning range, but we have a lot more to offer! Find the best bargain deals for every purchase you make with us. Our affordable Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewellery will perfect fit in your budgets and offer the best look, too!

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