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More About Turquoise Bangles

The turquoise is a natural gemstone, coming straight from the Phosphate mineral family. This gemstone is usually light blue to bluish green in colour, and hence, looks refreshing and breath-taking at the same time. This gorgeous gemstone is definitely an apple to the eye and is also known for its various astrological and healing benefits to the wearer and is very beautifully used in the jewellery world. This gemstone is semi-precious and with our collection of turquoise stone bangles, you can certainly have one with you. This gemstone due to the believed healing properties has been ruling the world of astrological stones and minerals since ages.

TJC’s Collection of Turquoise Bangles:

We have endless options of Turquoise bangles online for you to choose from, including the classics to the fancy and sophisticated. Below are few of the products and designs we offer in our collection, read the facts and details and then make the correct and suiting purchase.


Designer Turquoise Bangles:- As the name suggests, the designer ones are the fancy and contemporary pieces inspired from the latest trends and top-notch competition in the market.

Turquoise Cuff Bangles:- The cuff bangles usually have a C shaped opening and are a statement making jewellery piece. They can easily seek all the compliments and showcase the designs very well.

Fashionable Turquoise Bangle:- As the name hints, these bangles look extremely fashionable and trendy. They can be well used with any outfit regardless to the occasion due to their versatile appeal.


Sleek Design:- These bangles are very sleek and stunning in design, and hence, can be easily paired with any other jewellery. The sleek looks make them adaptable to any attire and pair with any wrist watch and jewellery.

Durable metal:- Each of these beauties are crafted with extreme finish and care, and hence, are long lasting and durable to use. They offer you not just looks and statement but also endless comfort for everyday use. With excellent metal quality, like sterling silver, we assure you the infinite sheen and lustre in each product showcased above.

Multiple gemstones:- In our collection of Turquoise bangles in UK, we don’t just provide you with beautiful blue coloured Turquoise gemstone but numerous others as well. There are plenty other gorgeous gemstones in some of these bangles, and hence, can add the value of each one of them to your fine jewellery collection.

Why Choose TJC?

With the years of experience, we believe a good jewellery is the best way we can win the hearts of our customers. While offering you various jewellery products and gemstones, we came a long way delivering joy through the quality and comfort of each one of these. At TJC, you can get the best of deals at the best price and time, taking care of your jewellery collection and pocket very well.

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