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More About Sapphire Pendants

Relish in the lush luxury of sapphire and find yourself a stunner from our eclectic collection of sapphire pendants. Such stunning clarity, impressively brilliant hues and delight of untarnished metals can only be availed at thrifty prices from TJC.

Sapphire spells royalty. With the most popular choice being the magnetic blue, this stone is the perfect embodiment of lush luxury. With its entrancing clarity and stunning shades, it is one of the most sought-after gemstones. And we bring it to you, big and bold in its might, studded in our array of sapphire pendants.

Now fasten the luxurious delight of luminous sapphire at the base of your neck and dawn the look of elegant royalty. Our princely collection of sapphire pendants lets you have a regal and sophisticated take on the illustrious designs. Come and explore for your favourite pick.

At TJC, we present you a wonderfully vast selection with various designs of sapphire pendants to make your selection. Some of our best featured ranges are:

Solitaire pendants

There’s nothing more luxurious than the single-stone delight. With a large-sized sapphire flaunting in all its glory right at the centre, this kind of pendant is among our bestselling features. We also have some exciting and thrilling renditions to the solitaire style, with a fine lining of delicate gemstones scoping the sapphire entrustment. The big and bold beauty of sapphire, in whichever colour, has a transcending effect as it comes alive at the base of your neck.

Halo Pendants

We’ve been told that all holy and sacred things have a halo around them, like angels. We thought so, too. So, we put a halo around sapphire! This range of the sapphire pendants lets you shop from the minimal yet sophisticated design range. Varying in sizes, colours, and accompaniment of a selection of gemstones, these pendants look like a dainty addition to your ensemble.

Multi-coloured Sapphire Pendants

What makes our selection of Sapphire Pendants all the more eloquent and unique is our use of multi-coloured sapphires. Sapphire pendants in UK come in a whole array, but in our selection, you’ll find more than just regal blue. We have varied colours and shades of sapphires, like pink, yellow, red, orange, and a whole scale.

Circle of Life Pendants

Find the jubilant meaning of life and everything sacred with our range of Circle of Life pendants. The eloquent design has found brilliance in the company of coloured sapphires. Standing for the simple meaning that what you do comes back to you, it teaches us the importance of fairness. Our collection flaunts the simple design with a ravishing play of coloured sapphires.

Clustered Designs

There’s an uncontained element of glamour in the clustered design. With a seemingly chaotic, yet brilliant, embellishment of sapphires paving the surface, these sapphire pendants look magical at your neck. With an element of grace, poise, and posh composure, these pendants get a much grander delight with the addition of sapphire. Shop from a stunning array and redefine the meaning of glamour.

But, don’t let your shopping stop here. We have so much more to offer you! Shop from an exhilarating selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more to complete your set and swathe in everything royal. We offer you not only the posh sizzle of sapphire, but also a selection of several godly gemstones.

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