Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery

More About Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery

When you think of sapphire, your mind takes you to the brilliance of blue hue and stark clarity. It doesn’t have to be so. Sapphire, actually, comes in a whole spectrum of shades. There are lots and lots of colours, borrowed from the magic of rainbow, which grace the spotlight-stealing vividness of this stone. However, with how little the market advertises these shades, it is completely acceptable to think you are sceptical. Fret not for we’re here to throw some light on the beauty of rainbow sapphire jewellery.

Shades of Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery

You have definitely heard of the cobalt blue sapphire, we’ll assume. But, that is not where it ends. At TJC, you’ll find rainbow sapphire jewellery flaunting various other colours. Borrowing the call of the oceans and the vastness of skies, we have the green-ish blue sapphires. Taking a cut from the setting sun and dusk, we have the Padparadscha sapphire, with orange-yellow tints. We also have the quaint spells of pink, saffron, brown, rose, and several other shades. The magic truly doesn’t end.

Rainbow sapphire Pendants

It is important to note that rainbow sapphire isn’t just one stone, but it is referred to as a collection of rainbow hues of sapphire. In our array of pendants, we have used sublime designs and a plethora of timid sapphires to enchant the overall appeal. Masked with the flamboyant flair and peppy spectrum, these pendants will become your favourite adornments in no time at all. You’ll find that they match with everything in your wardrobe, owing to their versatile use of gemstones and popular designs.

Rainbow Sapphire Rings

The best way to flaunt the delicate charm of your hands is by wearing a perfect ring. It’s the best adornment if you want to add a hint of sparkling genius to your ensemble. The added treat of multiple colours with boastful clarity are just bonus. With designs from intricate floral moulding to simple bands, our selection promises a wide diversity, suiting to all kinds of styles. Laid in the untarnished and precious metal choices, our rings promise you an eternal use.

Rainbow Sapphire Earrings

Imagine how delightful it’d be if you could clasp on the rainbow at your ears? Well, it’s not a fantasy any longer! With our blissful collection, you can now flaunt the blooming charm of the palette! Boasting of new and appealing designs, our rainbow sapphire earrings look like little treasures with any kind of ensemble, given their collection of multiple colours. Give in to the lure and take home your purchase. We promise you’ll love it!

Be sure to take a long and careful look through the entirety of our collection and revel in the colourful goodness that the Rainbow Sapphires are! With the fantastic designs that make your admirers’ eyes stop and turn at you, our range promises you exquisiteness. So, come over and shop for a whole set.

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