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More About Personalised Men’s Leather Bracelets

Personalised Men’s Leather Bracelet: More Than an Accessory

A symbol of resistance and courage, a shamanic phenomenon and an accessory that made to hippie culture, the history of leather bracelet itself makes it can interesting choice for wearers. Leather bracelet has long been associated with masculine qualities such as toughness and resilience. Due to these same reasons, it is popular amongst the men. In one form or the other, leather wristlet made their debut long ago in the bygone era. Cuff made of leather was part of the nomadic tribal garbs. Special engraving on a bracelet would notify the other members of tribe of a person’s position in society.

Now-a-days it has become a stylish accessory that any man can use to channel sophistication in his look. While a rugged Genuine leather bracelet is without any doubt an accessory that supports machoism, engraving can make it stand out. It allows you to reveal your true values and personality with subtly. In fact, an appealing bracelet form a great conversation stater.

Whether you want to remind yourself of the ambitious goals you wish to reach later in life or get empowerment with words, a personalised men’s leather bracelet can do it.

Personalised Leather Bracelet Online at TJC

Our online personalised designs fall into the below three category -

1. Rope Bracelet: These braided kinds have strands arranged like that of a rope and add a rugged touch to your outfit. Simplicity is the key when you are wearing a rope bracelet. For the same reason, the woven variation comes with minimal engraving done on the clasp. A fine rope version can be teamed-up with your suit for a quirky yet fashion-forward look.

2. Wrap Bracelet – As the name suggests, they will wind around your wrist and are usually combination of two or more bands. These bracelets come with thin strands having a similar material and colour, for a cohesive look. When you are planning to spend a casual evening with your friends, accessorising in one is a great choice.

3. ID Bracelet – Made popular doing the world war 2, these bracelets are now a classic piece. The rectangular plate on the front adds a Retro charm to your outfit in one go. Since, it has plenty of space for engraving an ID bracelet offers you chance to be more creative and thoughtful with your words. With our personalised men’s leather bracelet UK collection, you can get your piece scribed with beautiful and easy to read fonts.

Leather bracelet Styling Guide

When you wear one of our online personalised men’s leather bracelets, keep in mind the below tips and you will surely look classy-

1. Proportion – If you are wearing your leather bracelet with a wristwatch, pick one that doesn’t overshadow the other. A dainty watch should be complemented by a fine strap while your metallic watch with a big round dial will look best with a broader braided bracelet.

2.Stacking – A look much appreciated by musician, celebrities, and other fashion moguls; stacking is preferred only in casual setting. To master this style, select a few thinner cords to achieve a neat appearance.

3. Wrist – One wrist at a time will give you the draper look. We know you love to see people admiring you for the amazing picks you make. Get your bracelet the appreciation it is worth by wearing it on your dominant hand.

4. Colour – Leather bracelet are an accent and not part of your outfit. They should stand out against your ensemble. To do so, either go for a piece which is darker if you are pairing it with your light-coloured shirts. Conversely, when wearing darker clothes, refine your look with a lighter bracelet. Creating the right balance between the shades is the key.

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