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More About Jacket Earrings

Knot designs are a popular and cherished pattern that has graced our jewellery since a very long time now. With the complex yet smooth transitioning of metals overlapping each other, this design has taken the jewellery world by storm. With a heavy demand, we’re all about fancy knot patterns now. And that’s why this range flaunts an exuberant display of some novel knot earrings designs for you to choose from.

What makes our range of knot earring so different and so special is the base design’s detail. We believe that the devil is in the details, so you’ll be thrilled to note that our earrings have been perfected right down to every nook and curve, without any imperfection marring the beauty. We use only the most reliant stone-setting technique that looks niche and neat, but also provides optimum comfort and safety to the stones over a long period.

Knot earrings in our range flaunt the Celtic trinity design, till an extent. Now, for the history of trinity knot, the base design of this knot dates back to the 5th century. It was used exclusively by ancient monks in religious books and scripts. It’s, in all its essence, a beautiful homage to the talented skillsmen and craftsmen from the bygone Irish era. It stands as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, too. We have made some changes to the base design and presented some bespoke knot earrings.

Another feature that sets us far apart of the competition out there is the availability of different designs. In our collection, you’ll note that there are earrings that are formed entirely out of the use of metals of the purest wearable quality. We offer you a diverse range of gold in the tinges of yellow, rose, and white (9K, 14K, 18K,) Platinum (950-grade,) silver, rhodium, etcetera. Other features of our besotted collection offer you designs laden with precious gemstones. The riveting and darling design will definitely become one for the keeps when you browse the entirety of our selection.

Get the gorgeousness of a thousand different facets on your cherishing pair of knot earrings. TJC is a name known and acknowledged for the utterly flawless quality of gemstones we procure. You’ll be mesmerised to see your pair embellished with the finest kind of jewels, boasting high-clarity and incredible sparkle. We scour the ends of the world to bring you the best quality of stone right from the famed and named mines. We even use the highest grade of metal to mould these designs. With TJC, you can be sure of an uncompromised quality.

Don’t let your shopping just stop here. We have so much more to offer you. Take a peek at our splendid collections of rings, pendants, watches, necklaces, and much more to finish your beautiful set. Happy shopping!

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