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More About Halo Earrings

Halo is for godliness and that’s a known and acknowledged fact. If you want to symbolize something as ethereally beautiful and incandescent, you draw a halo around it. The same is with our earrings. Promising you an out-worldly look and delight of a thousand twinkling stars, our halo earrings are all that’s magical! With stunning gems and glistening metal use, these earrings will easily and quickly become your go-to jewellery in no time at all.

A halo deign is when there’s a white or golden circle crafted around a behemoth glorious centre. But, what makes our designs unusual and sought-after is that we don’t stick with the run-of-the-mill round halo. We love to experiment and that’s why you’ll see halo earrings of all shapes – trillion cut, heart cut, princess cut, cushion cut, oval, and so many more. We inculcate a plethora of shapes, which lets you have a refreshing range with novel choices.

Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we provide a vast variety of halo earrings. Our designs can be minimal, with a small yet glamourous stone studded at the centre, flanked on all sides by a fine lining of gems. But, as you browse through the range, you can also spot some heavily studded designs, too. We excel in intricate and skilled work of all kinds. From minimalistic and dainty designs, you will revel in the gloriousness of extravagant styles, too.

TJC is a collection of all things fancy. If your ensemble requires a simple stud set of halo earrings or something more grand and winning, we have got all your needs covered. Studded with exemplary stones of the highest and costliest sparkle, there is no enigma like that of our earrings. Wear them with anything in your wardrobe and see as your look transforms into something so much more diva-like.

What’s better for you is that our selection of the finest halo earrings gives you the option of all colours of the spectrum. We display the exotic thrill of emerald and we boast of the luxurious colour-less clarity of diamonds. You can find your earrings either reflecting the light in the mesmerizing play of eccentric patterns – owing to the skilled faceting of our gems – or you can sport some breath-taking cabochons instilled with solid colours or even metallic iridescence.

Pair your ideal set of halo earrings with the best and perfectly-matching use of metal, as well. TJC presents you a pure and coveted array of metals like gold (9K, 14K, 18K,) platinum (950-Grade,) silver, and rhodium. We provide the best contrast of the stones with the underlying metal use, so that it gives you a pop of something majestic.

We promise class and pristine quality like no other in the market. However, our collection of halo earrings is not where it ends. Browse through our similar array of pendants and rings to complete your set! Happy shopping!

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