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More About Grandidierite Earrings

Grandidierite is one of the top ten rarest gemstones in the world. The blue mineral drives its colours from iron it contains. The more is the concentration of iron, the darker it gets. The gemstone displays tricolour pleochroism. Upon being viewed from different angles, it shows blue-green, colourless to light yellow and green colour. The gemstone has a hardness of 7.5 mohs which makes it ideal for jewellery-making. However, due to cleavage, it tends to split in two different directions, making faceting a challenging task. The gem was first discovered in 1902 by Alfred Lacroix, a French mineralogist in Madagascar. Through our jewellery, we aim to bring exotic gemstone jewellery to your home. TJC’s rare grandidierite earrings in UK are offered in a huge variety of designs embellished with zircons and diamonds for shimmering accompaniment.

1. Grandidierite Hoops e:- The hoop earrings have been in fashion from the time immemorial. Their loop-like silhouette flatters your face. Our spectacular hoops are studded with faceted grandidierite crystals. Their lovely pale blue hue lights up your face. To complement the beauty of the stone, high-grade metal base is used, in tone of gold, silver, and even platinum. Layering the hoops with these metals not only improves the look of the pair but also provides protection to gems.

2. Grandidierite Studs:- Longing for an understated look? Wear our simplistic grandidierite stud earrings offered in tempting designs. To add glints of lights, the centre stone is set in tempting halos or in any other statement design. If you admire earrings with a feminine touch, our floral studs are the perfect choice for you. These earrings are your go-to jewellery for an everyday look.

3. Chandelier :- The earrings with multiple tiers of beads and other embellishments are called chandeliers. These lengthy earpieces are best for evening and night-time events. The set of beads dangling from your earlobe amp up your glamour quotient. Our chandeliers are styled with intricate detailing. To increase their appeal, they’re sometimes plated in simmering gold tones.

4. Drops :- One of the most versatile earring types, the drop with their steady upper section and swinging lower section give your face an elevated look. Our chic grandidierite drop earrings are offered in unique silhouettes. Add some drama to your outfit with our sparking drops. Teardrop, oval, rectangular and more, we have countless shapes to entice you into buying them.

5. Dangle :- Up your fashion game, with our dramatic dangles. The mesmerizing earrings travel down your ears, bringing glamour and gorgeousness to your face. The lovely blueish hue of the grandidierite is accentuated by the sparkling zircons crystals studded alongside the gemstone. Some of our dangles are decorated with milgrain detailing. Don these earrings to ooze charm.

To assist you in wearing top-notch earrings, all our products undergo quality analyses. The online grandidierite earrings below are crafted by skilled artisans. We price our jewellery at nominal rates to ensures it doesn’t put any strain on your pocket. In our collection, you will find earrings at every price point.

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