More About Grandidierite Rings

Best known for the exclusive melange of colours, the great Grandidierite is available in the colours ranging from blues to greens. The colour depends on the percentage of iron present in stone, and hence, can be offered in various hues in the market. This incredible stone is mined by hands due to the remote location of the mines and ensures the quality of the stone very well. This gorgeous stone is named to be the third most valuable stone by a report presented by the Forbes in November 2015. The beauty of the erratic gem is best displayed in our collection of Grandidierite rings in UK. Dive in the gorgeous designs above and pick a perfect match for your collection and personality:

TJC’s Collection of Grandidierite Rings:

Featuring some of the prettiest and rare Grandidierite rings, we have some master pieces crafted for each one of you. Manufactured in various metal types and tones, the beauty of this exceptional stone is perfectly showcased at TJC. Some of the fastest selling designed are featured right below, read and understand before choosing your ideal type:

• Solitaire:- Classic and simple, the solitaire stands for just one stone studded on top of a ring. It is decent and often available with minimal design.

• Halo:- Resembling with a blooming flower, in halo a gorgeous stone is embedded in the centre and is further enclosed with similar of different stones around. The gorgeous halo pattern is elegant and very gorgeous in style.

• Band:- Stylish and opulent, lately the band rings are becoming the new thread in weddings. They are elegant and very minimal in design, often offered with a gem in the centre or all over forming the full eternity or half eternity pattern.

• Trilogy:- Embedded with three gemstones on top, the trilogy rings are often believed to represent the past, present and future of the wearer. They are thoughtfully crafted and hence are very gorgeous when paired with a rare gemstone.

Metal tones:

• Gold tone:- The Grandidierite rings in gold are either made in pure form of gold or are plated or overlayed in different metal surface to get the golden glow.

• Silver tone:- Shiny and shimmery, the Grandidierite rings in silver are often made from either platinum or silver, they are overlayed as well in order to get the silver tone.

• Rose Gold tone:- This new type of gold is extremely trending and gorgeous. It is a fine melange of pinkish tone in the gold, offering a very soothing shade. The rose gold rings are either plated or pure form of gold mixed with copper for the rosy touch.

Why Choose TJC?

We understand that buying Grandidierite rings online can be tough but here with TJC and team, we have great quality and assured finish of this exclusive stone for you. In order to satisfy our customers, the experts handpick each of these incredible rings of you.

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